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Equality Between Genders Essay

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In society today, women are immensely separated from males in the vast world of sports. In one particular sport, swimming, females are held to lower time standards in comparison to males and sometimes may be seen as the slower gender with lowered expectations. The discussion between the segregation of men and women in sports is diverse worldwide with multifold that claim it to be either reasonable or inequitable. One part of society claims that females should be given the same chance to prove themselves equal amongst their male counterparts. Whereas others will disagree, claiming that men are naturally built to be physically stronger and faster than women. Even though it may seem discrepant to many, females should not be allowed to compete in a league with the same time standards held for men. Males and females have different body structures and having two leagues separated by gender allows both men and women to excel.
When it comes to the complex world of swimming, one of the major advantages that males have right from the start is the difference in body composition. There are multiple physiological differences between genders and unlike men, a woman’s bodily conformation causes too great resistance to her progress through the water. Even if a woman were to be extremely thin, she would still be handicapped by this bodily difference and would experience an increased drag opposed to her male counterpart. In addition to the drag, studies have shown that “on an average, the men were found to have a lower stroke rate” ( The stroke lengths were found to have correlations with the final times achieved by competitors. Average males were found to have increased strength with each pull and were able to cover distance with more ease than standard females. If it were down to only determination, men and women wouldn’t have to be separated but reality is, the same amount of willpower is going into different body designs. The way the average male body is made “simply gives men a head start because of their elevated levels of testosterone” ( The high testosterone in males has an anabolic effect, which in other words promotes muscle development and stimulates the growth of proteins. In addition to increased muscle strength, the body conformation of average men also provides less resistance when in the water and enables males to flow through the water currents much more efficiently when opposed to women. It would be unfair for females if they were to compete on the same time standards with males when taken into consideration the unfortunate advantages the average man naturally has over the average woman.
In a similar manner, combining men and women in a single league would be unreasonable and quite unfair for both genders. Separating males and females into two different leagues enables both sides to excel and perform at their very best. Statistics of the fastest men and women in the...

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