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Equality For All? Essay

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The phrase “the sky's the limit” is an idea for which many strive. In fact, it is the basis in society which we have fought for every since the beginning of time. To be able to go from nothing to the the best is a future that all hope to achieve. However, this idea is not always relevant in society, especially in Afghanistan. Hazaras in the Afghan community are seen as filthy and lesser beings, while the richer people in Afghanistan, the Pashtuns, are given a life of glory and privilege. There are great “deeply felt tensions between the majority and minority ethnic groups”, (Miles), and, Hazaras are enslaved and oppressed by the “glorious” Pashtuns. Priviledge is given to Pashtuns because ...view middle of the document...

Later on in the novel, Amir explains, “I thought of the way we’d left the house, where I’d lived my entire life… Jalaluddin- would probably think we’d gone out for a stroll…” (Hosseini 47). Consequently, many would wonder about Amir’s disappearance; however, in order to ensure a secure way to America, and a new life, they would have to keep quiet. Amir and his father had to leave the ones they loved most in order to live. In both cases, the lives of the wealthy are spared simply because of who they are.
Hosseini’s sorrow for uneducated Afghans is portrayed in The Kite Runner, as the book is forged in his guilt. Hosseini knows that his ability for success is simply because he won at “this random, idiotic, genetic lottery” (Khaled Hosseini's Latest Best-Seller Spans Generations). Hosseini’s education has developed his talents and has allowed him to become the world-renowned writer he is today. Hosseini realizes that he could have have easily been the one suffering in Afghanistan. Hassan is a Hazara and serves as Amir’s servant. Although he is intelligent, he lacks an education and is not able to apply his skills. Hence, Amir “read him stories he couldn’t read himself” (Hosseini 28). Hassan dreams of an education for himself and continually asks Amir to teach him. However, society’s preconceived notions lead Amir to constantly ask himself, “what use did a servant have for the written word?” (Hosseini 28) Amir continually teases Hassan, unaware of the importance of an education. “Hassan would grow up illiterate” (Hosseini 28) like his father and many other Hazaras because they were seen as unworthy, filthy creatures. As the novel progresses, Amir realizes that even though Hassan was clearly talented and determined, his skills were used for the lesser purposes in life simply because of his ethnicity. In essence, society has made it impossible for lower class citizens to become educated, and in the same way, has prevented them from becoming successful.
In addition to the numerous opportunities, first class citizens have been given an unwritten right of control over lower class citizens. Assef is a Pashtun who rapes and abuses Hassan because he feels it is his inalienable right. Assef’s rape of Hassan symbolizes the complete physical and mental domination of those who do not have power by those who do. Assef steals Hassan’s dignity, however, is still given complete respect when “Hassan [serves] drinks to Asseff and Wali from a silver platter” (Hosseini 52). “Amir and Hassan know the social gap that defines their identities” (Khawaja) but, even though Amir knows the rape is morally wrong, he forces himself to believe that the rape should be accepted because Pashtuns “have always dominated and...

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