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Female equality in the work place has come along way since the early 19th century. In the 19th century the American economy was primarily an agaculture one. In this age the duties of the farm were equally spread between the male that did the field work primarily, and the female that handled the home duties primarily. The situation began to shift at the dawn of the industrialized society. During this period women were tasked with the home duties, because women were thought in capable of handling the stress of the work place. During this period women made 59 cents to every dollar a man made (Specialist, n.d.).
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Hsu article is supported by the 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that shows women with a college degree have increased pay by 31 percent since 1979, while those of male college graduates have risen only 16 percent. The 2012 report states women make 28.5% more to 17.4% Men (“Highlights of women's," 2013).
This higher education has lead to parody in pay. This is supported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) report published October 2013. The state in 2012 that female earnings had grown from 62% of what men make to 81% of what men make in 2012. This number is even narrower in the 25-34 age groups that make 90.2% of what men do. Women that have never been married makes 95.8 % of men. The parody can also be seen in careers like Pharmacists that make 99.6% and Social Workers that make 98.7% of what men do (“Highlights of women's," 2013).
Equality Dose not Exist in the Work Place
Since The Equal Pay Act of 1963 women have come along way, but have not achieved parody with their male counter parts. The United State President, Barak Obama shares the belief more needs to be done in the area of equal rights for women (President Obama on Women's Rights, 2012). The non parody in pay is proven by the BLS report in the following career fields where women make less. Physicians and surgeons women make 67.6% of what men do. In News Media women make 73.2 % of what men do, and Legal occupations make 53.8%. Education and sales are a little better at around 75% of what men make (“Highlights of women's," 2013). As nation, women only make 81 cents for every dollar a man makes (“Highlights of women's," 2013). The lack of equality in pay is in despite of higher education achieved by women. Women have also graduated with honors at a higher rate than men; this is supported by the Harvard Insider 12/01/2011 issue, that states in 2006 55% of women at Harvard graduated with honors. Men on the other hand, had barely half graduate with honors (Hsu, 2011).
What can Be Done to Narrow the Gap
According to Lips (2003), things need to be done to help narrow the gender pay gap (p.104). The recommendations are: comparable-worth legislation, and family friendly...

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