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Equality Of Opportunities In Education Essay

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To me, equality of opportunity in public education is where every single person deserves and is entitled to an equal chance to obtain a good education, grow and make positive progress throughout their time in school, and be successful in reaching their full potential later in life. These people should be treated identically, not differently due to their gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.
In a democratic society, personally speaking, I think that equity and equality go hand in hand in the realm of public education. Equity, in the aspect of education, is the idea that something may be fair, but isn’t always equal. Equality is the idea that everyone is seen as being equal. Without equity, there would be no equality.
In terms of talking about the accessibility of school funding, equality of opportunity would be where all public schools are distributed the same amount money for their school. Once the money is distributed, it should then be spread evenly amongst areas in dire need of help. Money could be dispersed to help aid in special needs for kids, in support the arts, music, and sports programs, or for technology that may be a useful teaching tactic. Most importantly, this funding would be given to the areas and programs that were struggling, and where students would benefit the most. If a school had an outstanding arts and music program, but their special education department was lacking, money should be given to the education department to help make improvements and provide the teachers and students with the proper resources.
Curriculum is important being it’s the underlying factor that plays a role in determining ones growth, achievement and success. The majority of curriculum consists of planned and organized learning centered on a certain expectation of skills, abilities, and performance implemented by the school. With curriculums such as these, we experience inequalities such as achievement gaps, or the discrepancy in the measuring of performance, more so in groups categorized in part to their gender, ethnicity, or social status. In order to reduce this discrepancy, “teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest (p.28).” If teachers were able to seize power, they could create a curriculum that would provide a sense of equal opportunity when it comes from the creativity of the teacher, and not solely from the government or school. This new and improved curriculum would be up to date, and relevant. Curriculum is something that is constantly being evaluated and revised in part of the many challenges students come across and to research support new and upcoming teaching strategies. Instructors must be aware of potential challenges their students may already have, or may encounter along their years in school. They must also be well educated and mindful of the many different teaching modalities and implement the ones that benefit students the greatest In...

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