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Equality In The Workplace: Dream Or Reality?

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Women have fought to be treated fairly and should have the same pay as men. Men still have better jobs and receive better pay than women (Cotter, Hermsen and Vanneman). The fight for economic equality has slowed, but it is still necessary in society (Obama). The role of women in society has changed drastically. Women no long have to stay at home and take care of their children. There is now a need for women to work in order to provide for their family. Women continue to dream of a life filled with economic and politically equality. If they continue to work for this dream, it can become a reality. They can break through the stereotypical glass ceiling, “a term coined by The Wall Street Journal in the mid-1980s to describe an invisible barrier that keeps female executives from being promoted to the top ranks or corporate management” (Lee and Wagner). The glass ceiling can have different connotations for each and every person.
People can sometimes think of the denotation when discussing the glass ceiling. The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy defines the glass ceiling as, “an unacknowledged – and ultimately illegal – barrier [for] advancement, especially for women and people of color” (Glass Ceiling). Many companies to not believe that this is unlawful decision; however, after President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 it became an illegal act (Shuster). Government facilities are abiding by this law making their employees’ salary transparent, reducing the gender pay gap, “the gender pay gap was just 11 per cent, compared to the 23 per cent across the entire full-time workforce” (Burke). The gender pay gap will be reduced if companies would press through this invisible barrier and give equal rights to everyone.
Although it is easy to reduce the pay gap many people do not want to admit the fact that there is pay inequality. “The US ranks 27th among the world’s developed countries in terms of women’s economic achievement,” this shows how naïve the United States continues to be (Lee and Wagner). They would be higher up if they faced the truth that there is economic inequality in the United States instead of thinking that it has been fixed already. However, it is true that the pay gap has improved it hasn’t been completely closed up. In 1963, “women earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by men” (Obama). In 2010 Boston Fox News stated that, “women [earn] 81 cents for every dollar earned by men” (Stephanos). Women’s salaries not only suffer due to their gender, but also because of their race.
Women have to fight for gender equality and for racial equality because they both affect their work lives. “White women earned 79% as much as their male counterparts in 2009, while Asian women earned 82% as much” (Statistics). This is one of the reasons why having pay equality is sometimes known as a dream. Fighting through these obstacles is one of the reasons why walking the path of equality is a...

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