Equality (Prometheus) And Liberty (Gaea) Essay

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Equality (Prometheus) and Liberty (Gaea) are similar to the God Prometheus and the Mother of the Gods Gaea because their characteristics reflect on those of the gods their named after.
Equality fights in what he believes in just like Prometheus. He wants Liberty to conceive his child and help create a new society for themselves and others. Equality has many similarities to Prometheus. In Greek Mythology, Prometheus brought fire to mankind. Likewise, Equality had brought fire to his town through a light bulb. It was made to show his light and power. (Ayn Rand Anthem Pg 52) “We Equality 7-2521, have discovered it alone, and we are alone to know it.”
Equality has discovered something all by himself and he’s the only one that knows it. Equality would help create a new idea of the period of invention and discovery but only if it was accepted by the Council. (Pg 53 Rand)“We put a piece of copper and a piece of zinc into a jar of brine, we touched a wire to them, and there under our fingers, was a miracle which had never occurred before, a new miracle and a new power.”
Equality invented something that no ones ever seen before. He built something to make a difference in society and to brighten the world, light. Light is what he invented and it was a miracle when it worked. Another similarity between Equality and Prometheus was their sacrifices for their values. No matter what circumstances they both went through, they stuck with it and did not give up because they believed that they could make a difference in society. They did not want to give up because it was something that they believed they could do to make the world a better place for themselves and others. All though Prometheus was punished by Zeus for all time. Equality knew that if he was discovered he would be punished for what he invented but he didn’t care if he got punished or not. When Equality brought his invention to the Council and he was received with demands for his accomplishment, Equality’s main concern was whether the knowledge of his invention was going to stay alive or if it was going to be shared to the world. Liberty 5-3000, she has a mind of her own and she refuses to follow the authorities. Liberty is more than a beautiful young woman; she is a woman whose inside beauty is recognizable but not only recognizable for her outside beauty as in looks.(Pg 99 Rand) “And I have read of a goddess,” I said, who was the mother of the earth and of all the Gods. Her name is Gaea.” Liberty throws seeds to the ground like she’s giving the ground a special gift which makes it seem like the earth is begging under her feet. Liberty showed a different bravery than Equality. Liberty understood that the evils of society’s preachings against...

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