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Equality With MenWomen have always been the primary influence in the private lives of their families, organizations and communities, but had no public role in early 19th century Canada at all. The right to vote was strictly for men only and women were not recognized in the Constitution as legal 'persons', they had absolutely no political rights whatsoever. And when women were given the right to vote and hold political office, their interests were still not equally represented in politics and were still not socially equal to their husbands or male co-workers. In fact, Nellie McClung, after learning that women could be appointed to the Senate, stated, "now that we are persons, I wonder if we will notice any difference". And from that time on, every time women achieved new economical and political rights, that question resounded in everyone's head repeatedly. However, Canadian women would have to engage in very difficult legal proceedings in the 1920's to gain a personal legal status.With few exceptions, women had been excluded from most professions other than nursing and teaching until the beginning of the century. Canadian women and children were suffering in the late 1800's and early 1900's when their husbands would come home drunk and penniless after working for weeks in the mines or out in the bush lumbering. Thus, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was founded and with a far-spreading influence, campaigned for the prohibition of the sale and production of alcohol. Soon however, the leaders of the WCTU began to realize that women would have to gain basic political rights first to effect the reforms they sought.There were actually, several attempts made from 1866 to 1884 by Sir John A. MacDonald to give women the right to vote, but all eight proposals were defeated every time by the British Parliament. And after Joseph Royal's (a Quebec member) speech that encouraged 'well meaning Conservatives' to strike the vote down, the move to give women political rights turned into a lost cause for the next eleven years. However, throughout 1916 to 1925, every province except for Quebec (did not give in until 1940) had given women over 21 the right to vote provincially, and even the right to vote in federal elections. And in 1919, women were allowed to stand for election to the House of Commons, but were denied the right to sit in the Canadian Senate until 1929. In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights mandated political equality on the basis of gender and equal pay for equal work. And the Royal Commission established in 1967 studied the status of women around the country for the purpose of recommending changes and additions to Canada's laws in order to ensure equal opportunities for women. However, not until the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms did women achieve full economic and political equality with men. Pierre Trudeau paved the legal road for women's equality under pressure during his time as prime minister, he was a strong...

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