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The operating room, sometimes called the OR, is where surgery happens in a hospital. Having surgery can be called having an operation. One kind of surgery is having tubes put in the eardrums to prevent infection in your ears and improve hearing. Someone who gets tonsillitis might need a tonsillectomy. This is when the tonsils are taken out so that you don’t get a infection in your tonsils. This kind of surgery is scheduled ahead of time so you know when to go to the hospital. Surgery might need to be done as soon as possible if someone has something that can’t be fixed with a cast or right away.
There are many different machines and tools in the Operating Room that helps the doctors and nurses with the surgery. One of them is an operating table it is usually in the center of the room the table is where you lay during surgery it can be raised, lowered, and tilted in lots of different directions to make for the best angle for the surgery. The patient may be connected to multiple different monitors to keep track of their vital signs, such as heart rate or blood pressure. A ventilator or breathing machine is also another machine that helps the doctors and nurses perform your surgery. The machine is located by the head of the operating table. The ventilator breathes for the patient during the surgery by moving oxygen and air in and out of their lungs. If the surgery requires other specialized equipment it may be brought into the operating room.
There are many kinds of nurses that may be taking care of the many patients in the hospital one of these is a RN. The RN specializes in Preoperative Nursing practice and performs nursing activities in the different stages of the patient’s surgeries. Based on the Standards and Recommended Practices for Preoperative Nursing, the nurse will give a care throughout the surgery, using different methods to help the patient and their recovery from the surgery. This process requires constant evaluation and knowledge of the patient and their condition in the operating room.
The patient will enter the surgical area to be examined by the RN. A RN will give a assessment of the patient. The assessment includes Skin color, temperature, Respiratory status, and history of conditions that could affect surgery. What medications were taken the morning of surgery and what the time they were taken, Allergies, placement of any metal implants (especially pacemakers), time of last chemotherapy or radiation therapies, verification of patient’s name and date of birth, and the last thing is to check and verify all medical record numbers to see if they match the patient’s name wristband and paperwork
Some of the most common surgical operations performed in include the following: Appendectomy, Breast biopsy, Carotid Endarterectomy, Cesarean section, and a Coronary artery bypass. The Appendix is a small tube that branches off the large intestine. An appendectomy is the removal of the appendix by invasive surgery. A biopsy is a test...

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