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Upon the mention of intercultural communication, one may instinctively think of barriers or challenges in dealing with those from other countries who speak and understand a different language. However, in the multigenerational society and workforce, intercultural communication hits more closer to home, as slang becomes a secondary language within the English language. For the first time in recorded history, the current workforce in the United States is comprised of four generations (Forman & Carlin, n.d.). There is diversity in the different generations, but to pinpoint or categorize each with specific traits is difficult; it is easier to categorize by age than by qualities.BackgroundWhile assigned to a communications unit at Fort Gordon, Georgia, I was the team leader for a Single Channel Radio communications section. We often participated in training events in which our abilities to perform our duties effectively were evaluated. The purpose of an Army Training Evaluation Program (ARTEP) is to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire communication process, from the time of notification, setup of the communications vehicle, to the time that the message is sent and the message is received; secured communications must be correctly transmitted within a specified period. The acronym ARTEP is used as a word in the communications arena and is pronounced as aretap. The significance of an ARTEP for the unit leaders is to determine the readiness of the unit to deploy and the ability of the unit to perform the mission. The failure of an ARTEP results in additional training, which in turn means less leisure time for the soldiers of that unit.There were two other personnel assigned to my communications vehicle, or Radio Teletypewriter Rig (RATT Rig), and my team consisted of Specialist (SPC) Rivers, Private First Class Smith, and myself. For this particular exercise, we received notification at approximately 0230 AM, which accounts for the belief and commercialized saying as to why those in the US Army are able to accomplish more before 0600 than most people do all day, although not by choice. After receiving notification, it is a scramble to put our gear (everything we may personally need for a five-day camping trip) in the communications vehicle, which as one can well imagine in the darkness of 0230 AM, resembles the most chaotic and hilarious of any Three Stooges episodes. We threw our gear in the back of RATT Rig, shoving and squashing three duffle bags and rucksacks into a five-foot-by-five-foot box with a door sitting on the back of a pick-up truck. I left the two other soldiers to perform the required Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), which is tedious requirement that must be completed before any vehicle can be driven out of the motor pool. I reported to the Communications Security (COMSEC) building to retrieve the communications material from the security office with directions to PFC Smith to meet me at the COMSEC...

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