Eradicating Hunger Essay

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Amongst many of the world’s most daunting and damaging issues hunger is one of the worst.
Hunger leads to many more profound issues in the world like high mortality rates among infants
and children, vulnerability to illnesses, increased chances of spread of diseases generally, and on
a larger scale in times of disasters, as well as physical and mental impacts on the victim(s). As
malnourished women are more likely to fall ill, they have a higher chance of having low birthweight
babies who get sick and die at an early age. This also leads to higher birth rate in the
areas where they reside and, thus, that community is locked in a hardly escapable cycle of infant
malnutrition and death. Malnourished children will also easily catch common diseases due to
their weak immune system and due to the same reason will not be able to effectively fight those
diseases to survive either. Some diseases even cause lack of appetite which further worsens the
situation. In times of disasters hunger is promoted in two ways; there is an increased number of
epidemics and increased chance of catching diseases and there is also destruction of agricultural
and financial resources which reduces the capability to produce or buy food. Lack of
consumption of proper nutritional diet leads to many physical issues, like growth, for children in
the time being and in the future. It also affects their intelligence level and competing ability due
to which they aren’t able to earn a good enough livelihood in the future which further leads to the
primary problem. On a larger-scale hunger causes riots and leads to many uprisings and unrest
around the globe. All these reasons support the already apparent fact that health is definitely one
of the most imperative issues concerning the global population and should be dealt with
To find an effective solution to hunger, it is necessary to look at its causes. One of the biggest
and most common reasons is, of course, poverty which leads to lack of resources to make the
availability of food possible or to even afford the available amount. Warfare and armed conflict
affects the agricultural and trade industry as governments become more focused on allocating
their resources towards military assets or they simply develop unsociable relationships with the
other country. There is strain on natural resources when there is over-consumption by wealthy
communities which makes it harder to allot enough resources to developing communities which
are also growing at a very high rate and make it even harder to make sufficient resources
available. As a result of racial, gender, class or ethnic discrimination there is lack of proper
educational or financial resources available to communities which is a major cause in promoting
unemployment and further scarcity of financial resources which leads to unavailability of food.
Power is a major factor in many issues in the global society and people who are unable to
safeguard their interests fail to...

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