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Eradicating Unnecessary Student Loans Essay

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The student loan dilemma in the United States today is an immense controversy when it
comes down the decision on whether or not to get one. The main issue that arises with a student
loan is the debt that the student has to pay off for multiple years after he or she graduates from
college. Paying off a student loan can be a big burden when someone already has numerous bills
to pay. Many Americans take out student loans because they are lazy, but one of the top reasons
they do is because they do not take time out of their lives to try to receive scholarship money. A
significant want to eliminate student loan debt is to be awarded scholarship money. If people
would simply search the web and complete scholarships, they could help knock out a large
percentage of unnecessary future debt. Institutions like WEOKIE help perspective college
students like myself by offering scholarship money that helps tackle student loan debt; a
scholarship can help a student out tremendously.
Time management becomes a serious issue during both high school and college. It is not
an easy task, but by surrounding myself with the correct people, I will be able to conquer time
management and made excellent grades. I will manage my time by studying for my classes and
not skipping them on purpose. College students fail classes and end up dropping out because of
being absent too many times. During my college career, I will make sure to go to class in order
to maintain a good grade point average. In doing so, I will be able to reward myself in the future
with a great job. I do not want to be a man that everyone knows as a college drop out. I want to
be a Petroleum Engineer, and I know that I will need to manage my time wisely to be one.
Money management plays a compelling role in student debt. Many young adults go
off to college and go wild because they are not prepared to be on their own quite yet. The result
can therefore be very bad and cause...

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