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Eras Of The Chinese Government. Essay

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Ross JohnsonEH 1st Semester FinalThroughout the history of China, there have been many distinct classes; although complex relationships existed amongst different classes, there has always been a defined hierarchy that separates each class from the others. In dynastic China, although the possibility existed, rarely did masses of people change classes or interact with those of a higher class on a regular basis. Only in modern times, with the help of contemporary film and literature, along with communist influence, and several revolutions has this system been able to change as much as it has. In recent years, the lightening of political censorship in China, along with the releases of new literature, some of which concentrates directly on the subject of socialism's classless society, more and more people have awakened to the class distinctions and relationships and their affect on the rising amount of capitalistic attributes of the society that exist in present day China.During the Qing Dynasty, classes remained segregated, as they had been for much of the dynastic control of China, a dilemma that may have contributed to the popularity of communist ideals. Civil service examinations were still heavily relied upon , so to some extent, people were able to change classes, although most of the poorer class didn't have access to the test preparation schools that the wealthy did. This remained the prominent path to a higher class in the Qing society. Additionally, the Qing dynasty kept the Forbidden City forbidden to outsiders, with the exception to Jesuit priests (WH 533. This was a major separation of the imperial court from the rest of the society, and kept those who weren't accepted by the emperor at a distance. Thirdly, the fact that the imperial court had large landholdings that backed their estate played a large role in separating landowners from them, not to mention those who didn't own land, (WH 564). As you can see, there was a very distinct separation of the classes during the Qing dynasty.With the introduction of communism came the effort to create a society that functions without the need for classes what so ever, while at the same time bettering all of the people living under the system, which was the aim of Mao's communist government. The first step taken to equalize all people was the denunciation of landlords, and the distribution of land to peasants for farming (WH 1076). This leveled the playing field, as it allowed the peasants to have control over their own land, not needing to pay rent on it. When Mao introduced the Great Leap Forward, his intentions were good, as he wanted the country to work together to better itself through the use of large communes, (WH 1077). Although an utter failure due to the competitive nature of the system and the misrepresentations of numbers, the Great leap Foreword could have been a huge leap towards a totally classless society. Additionally, the Great Politeration was a large effort to reform the country...

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