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The melodies and smooth southern country sounds affects people ,whether it’s cruising down a back country road in the summer time or representing home sweet home. Throughout history , there have been many great southern bands. The classic southern rebel band Lynyrd Skynyrd , and the smooth catchy modern country duo Florida Georgia Line are very popular groups. Although they are different ; they appeal to the people of their era. For example the rebellious era of the south and the cool wired age of today’s world. Despite the fact that both bands come from different eras , they both know how to please their audiences . Altogether , these bands show that musicians have a direct impact on the people they represent.
One of many great bands of the south would include Lynyrd Skynyrd . Lynyrd Skynyrd is known for their rebellious, rock like southern music. Lynyrd Skynyrd formed in 1966 in Jacksonville , Florida. The band began to form after the members met in High School as said from the Rolling Stones Encyclopedia Of Rock And Roll “ The Nucleus of what would become Lynyrd Skynyrd first met in High School in their Hometown , Jacksonville Florida” (pg. 591-second Paragraph). Not only did Lynyrd Skynyrd form in High School ; they formulated the name of the band from the one of their High School Classes. The name Lynyrd Skynyrd was created from the name Leonard Skinner, a P.E teacher at the time of their youth. As said from“ Having grown their hair long , they were given school suspensions and endless grief by a Highschool Gym Teacher Leonard Skinner. They solved the problem by dropping out and moving to a cabin in Green Cove Springs , South of Jacksonville. There they wrote songs , learned how to play together , and changed their name to Lynyrd Skynyrd; an intentionally misspelled reference to their old nemesis”( Paragraph three/ "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum." Lynyrd Skynyrd Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2014.
). At the time of the creation of their band name“ Lynyrd Skynyrd” from their P.E teacher , it was in a way a method of getting back at him or to make fun of him. Either way it sparked a new genre of southern music.
Along side Lynyrd Skynyrd , another great southern band but of this time would be Florida Georgia Line. The Duo met at Nashville’s Belmont College , quiet the distance away from here. According to “ Hubbard and Kelley met when both were students at Nashville’s Belmont University” ( Florida Georgia Line." CMT Artists. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2014.)
. Throughout College , the two would write songs between their classes, which of course led to Florida Georgia Line’s Inevitable future of hit songs and catchy tunes. The most important event , is the reason behind the well known name: Florida Georgia Line . In a short article on it explained how the duo derived their name “ The duo decided to honor their homestates in their stage name Florida Georgia Line” ( "How Did ‘Cruise’ Singers...

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