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Eric Clapton: Clapton Is God. This Paper Was Written For A Simple Research Paper.

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" 'Nothing but my soul to save, from the cradle to the grave'...It was one of those things, you wake up in the middle of the night, run downstairs and write it down. What it means, I think, is that the music I'm making here has been my motivation. It's the thing I've turned to, the thing that has given me inspiration and relief, in all the trials and tribulations in my life."-Eric ClaptonArtist. Defined as a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill, or one who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts. Eric Clapton can be defined as a true artist. The purpose of this paper is to give you a background on Eric Clapton himself, explain the real story behind "Clapton is God", and explain why his music still appeals to teenage music listeners today.Eric Patrick Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey, England, on the 30th of March 1945. Raised by his grandparents, Rose and Jack Clapp, after his mother left young Eric under their care (he was born out of wedlock), Clapton believed his grandparents were his parents, until he learned the truth at the age of 9. ( He received a £14 acoustic guitar for his fourteenth birthday, andthen proceeded to copy the great blues guitarists' note for note. After barely getting himself through high school, Clapton struggled in college and finally dropped out of the Kingston College of Art in 1962 to pursue a career in music. The adolescent musician moved to London, where he struggled to make a living, performing for a short time with a party band called The Roosters.In 1963, Clapton was recruited by the Yard birds to replace their guitarist. It was with this band that he came into fame, and earned the nickname "Slow hand" to describe his fascinating guitar-playing skills, Clapton rose to fame as a member of the group which went on to include guitar greats, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck. Clapton then continued his rounds as a member of John Mayell's Blues breakers, and it didn't take long before he became the power behind the group. But it was in 1966 that Clapton finally formed his own group, Cream, that became one of the greatest bands of the '60s.After the success of albums such as Fresh Cream and Wheels of Fire, the trio finally saw its end in 1968 thanks to some hotheaded egos and some drug experimenting. Then in 1969 -- the same year the Goodbye album was released -- Clapton formed the "super group" Blind Faith, along with Rick Grech and Steve Winwood. The band was a huge success, which eventually led to its demise as the members parted ways after several months. Meanwhile, Clapton released a solo album, fizzled on the charts, but turned out a positive in the end, as it led to the formation of Derek & The Dominoes.( Dominos released the successful Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, which, of course, featured the title track, Layla, based on Clapton's infatuation withPatty Harrison,...

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