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The United States is not a country with a long history compares to others, but this country changes a lot in the last centuries. Although I am not an American, I also heard the word American dream since I was a high school student. It is the American’s spirit and after then I still remember the cartoon I seen before talks about American dream played by my English teacher, it talk about the United States’ history and American’s spirit and daily life. The film uses a motivational way to tell us about what happened in this land and their daily life. From the introduction about American Culture & Social Life by Saint Louis University, this land is basically western culture. They think privacy, personal possessions and polite are very important. There also have many limitations in the United States, such as you cannot drink alcohol until you were 21 and you cannot smoke until you were 18. They give the right to everyone, and limit the teens’ behavior through the law. The United states have 50 states and each state has the different laws made for the different issue and the local behavior. Because of the history and policy problems, America is an multi-culture country and immigrant country. These make America have many different people from the different culture, such as Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American.

Although America have the population from the different religion, they nation give their residents fully right to choose what they want. This is another aspect they focus on, the freedom. We need to admit that technology is an important role in the history. From the list provided by, there has some important technology related to computer science invented since 1990, Internet protocol and WWW language, the Java computer language and the Web TV. The Time magazine also chose 50 important modern inventions during 2008. There have several inventions related to the computer science, such as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Orbital Internet and the World's Fastest Computer. We need to admit that computer changes our life and make our daily life more convenient. The first freely programmable computer invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936, the history about computer still changes each year. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) let the computer process faster, the larger hard drive helps us to store more information in the computer and the internet helps us contact with everyone at any time and place.
Women in this land are independent. This makes the United States’ history more wonderful. The data collected by the shows that there have 20% Chief Information Officer Positions at Fortune 250 companies held by women in 2012 and 20% of professional computing occupations in 2010 is female in this land. It is true that women play an important role and make a great progressive during the last years. America provides the best equipment and resources to those students still studying in the...

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