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There are numerous theories in literature regarding the effect of birth order on an individual’s development, language acquisition and reading skills, as well as their overall intellectual advancements. Recent research has suggested that increasing familial size and birth order may pose decremental results. Many of the studies have concentrated on what is considered a ‘typical’ family, whereas little information has been forthcoming regarding deviations from the norm. There are numerous childhood disabilities and conditions that are more predominant in today’s society than ever before. With this in mind, countless families are not considered within the data as ‘average’ as they digress from the standard. The number of children with disabilities in Canada has risen since 2001, according to figures released today by Statistics Canada (“Rise in number of Canadian kids with disabilities,” 2008). Of all the children with disabilities in this country, more than half (59.8%) have a learning disability (“Prevalence of Learning Disabilities,” 2006). The number of children diagnosed with learning disabilities has not stabilized and is continually escalating. Dyslexia for instance, is a specific type of language-based learning disability that hinders the development and progression of reading and writing skills in individuals (“The International Dyslexia Association Ontario Branch,” 2013). There is no precise cure for dyslexia, as it is not a disease, rather it is an inherited infirmity. However, there are educational plans and techniques devised for an individual in order to support children with dyslexia. When a child has dyslexia, it is important for their parents to consistently assist and encourage the child in language tasks. Additionally, reading to children with dyslexia on a one to one basis, is vital for successful improvement. Outside of the home, there are programs and tutors children can work with that provide assistance, which helps to increase reading and writing skills.
Dyslexia is a neurologically originated learning disability that can vary in severity depending on the classification that affects the child. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability among youth and persists into adulthood. The earlier a child is diagnosed and treated with this specific learning disability, the easier it will be for the child to succeed despite having developmental delays. Children with dyslexia tend to fall behind in school and become rapidly discouraged due to the encumbering of reading and writing skills. Although there is no collective difficulty one with dyslexia acquires, individuals typically perceive letters or shapes upside down or backwards and identify them as muddled out of order (“Understanding and Recognizing Dyslexia,” 2012) (see Appendix 2). It can be determined that different children learn and excel in varying ways whether they are diagnosed with a learning disability or not. Children with dyslexia, although hindering...

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