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Ernest Hemingway Female And Male Essay

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Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest American writers, but he was also one of the worst in depicting life and women. In his story, Hemingway projects a male-dominated world in his fiction. In fact, the protagonists conform to the aggressively male stereotype so dear to Hemingway. An important point that emerges from these 'love stories' in that they usually depict the love-relationship as a failure. All the stories that read , none of them depicted a satisfactory lasting, mutually shared love between a man and a woman."The End of something," for instance, shows Nick breaking up his love affair with Marjorie. In this story we came across the Hemingway protagonist withdrawing from a relationship after he had taken a step forwards forming it. The conversion with his friend, Bill, at the end of the story indicates that it was preplanned. First Nick tries to pick up a quarrel with Marjorie but she guesses that Nick is troubled by something else:"You don't have to talk silly," Marjorie said: "What's really the matter.""I don't know.""Of course you know.""No I don't ."Nick looked on at the moon, coming up over the hills."It's isn't fun any more."He was afraid to look at Marjorie. Then he looked at her.She sat there with her back toward him. He looked at her back. "It isn't funany more. Not any of it."She didn't say anything. Hw went on. " I feel as though everything was goneto hell inside of me. I don't know, Marge. I don't know what to say."No," Nick said. Marjorie stood up. Nick sat there, his head in his hands.After Marjorie leaves, Bill arrives and asks Nick if everything went well. This indicates that they had planned this together. But Nick asks Bill to leave him alone which shows that he does not feel some pain and that a conflict had existed in his mind about this relationship till he had finally decided to break it. Their intimacy is quite old which is evident from their behavior and conversation and also from other clues in the story, like Marjorie calling the ruins of the Mill as " our old ruin." On the contrary, Nick has himself deliberately broken this relationship because he feared that it was leading to a serious emotional attachment which he considers an encroachment on his personality. There is such abrupt casualness in Nick's behavior that one is unable to escape the feeling that he behaved like a cad in the whole affair despite the pain he feels at the termination of his relationship with Marjorie. To claim supreme freedom for his male protagonists to involve or de-involve themselves at will in a deeply personal relationship like love shows Hemingway either did not accept the sanctity and depth of love relationship or he saw clearly that as character his protagonists do not have it in them to enter into a normal human relationship like a normal human being. In love relationships Hemingway protagonists reveal a lack of certain something that make them "peculiar." This is what in fact is mean by a failure of character.The reason for...

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