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Hemingway used his written work as a depiction of his own life experiences in a number of ways. Like many other author’s he uses his stories and his poems to show his life. In stories such as “Soldier’s Home”, A Farewell to Arms, and “In Another Country” he portrays the characters as a reflection of himself. In each of these examples Hemingway explains multiple different aspects of his own life including, his life prior, during, after the war, and his love of a woman named Agnes. Although these stories aren’t exact descriptions of his life, they can be interpreted as depictions of his experiences.
In the story titled, “In Another Country”, Hemingway speaks with an Italian major at a ...view middle of the document...

He creates himself as the character named “Frederic Henry” who falls in love with a nurse named “Catherine Barkley” who is meant to portray Agnes. He uses these characters to describe his real life relation with Agnes. He also uses a character named Rinaldi to depict him having a friendship. ““Wait a minute,” Rinaldi said. “Perhaps we should have a drink.” He opened his trunk and took out a bottle” (Hemingway, “In Another Country.") This quote from the story proves that he has a relationship with a doctor, because he is drinking with him and he continues to ask him if he has certain kinds of beer because he knows what they usually drink. “We sat down on a bench and I looked at her. “You have beautiful hair,” I said. “Do you like it?” “Very much.””(Hemingway, “In Another Country.") In this quote, Hemingway depicts his relationship and/or liking of “Catherine” who is Agnes in his real life. He tells her that she has beautiful hair and that he likes it very much. Based on knowledge and separate reading from class, I know that in the full story Hemingway actually depicts his own self having an affair with “Catherine” and him also losing her from his life.
In the short story about a man who returned home from the war named “Krebs”, Hemingway changes up his depiction but still manages to portray a part of his life. He uses his mother and sister to show that he no longer believes in love but he still cares about his family. “Krebs looked at her. He liked her. She was his best sister.” (Hemingway, "Soldier's Home.”) This quote is...

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