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Ernest Hemmingway: Who Is Is What He Has Done!

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IntroductionMany people have heard of the well-known author Ernest Miller Hemmingway, they have read his books, enjoyed them, read them again, and studied him in school. Most people only know the books, and not the man writing them. In truth, Hemmingway was not just an author, but many other things as well. He was a hunter, an avid outdoorsman, as well as an intellect. This is the story behind the man who wrote the books.The early yearsErnest Hemmingway was born in his family home in Oak Park, Illinois, 1899. His artistic mother, and strict father raised him. He was taught as a child by his mother to never be afraid to express himself, and through that, Hemmingway's talents began to bloom. At age seventeen, Hemmingway got his first job at a newspaper in Kansas City, writing articles for the Kansas City Star .GIn World war One, Hemmingway joined the war before America did, serving in an Italian ambulance unit on the front lines. Hemmingway was injured in both legs from a shrapnel explosion, but survived, going back to America after spending months in hospital in Europe. After time had passed, and Hemmingway had fully recovered from his strenuous excursions overseas, he got a job at newspapers in both the U.S.A. and Canada, where he wrote for the Toronto Star, as well as other various newspapers in Ontario. His zeal for writing once again took him overseas, as he covered stories for the Newspapers in Europe.The BooksErnest Hemmingway's first big seller was the book "Sun Also Rises". This book he wrote while residing in Paris in 1926, and it was a breakthrough of sorts for him, signifying a new threshold in his life. The second big, well-known book he wrote is entitled "A farewell to Arms", written in 1929, followed by the book "For whom The Bell Tolls", in 1940. All four books tell of valour and bravery in war, reflecting upon Hemmingway's own experiences on the front lines. Hemmingway stated in his banquet speech after winning the Nobel Prize, "Writing, at its best, is a Lonely life...For he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, of the lack of it, each day." This was very true for Hemmingway's life. He led a lonely and secluded personal life, going through four marriages, none that lasted, while writing more short stories, such as the well-known "The Old Man and the Sea" in 1952, before his work was given the greatest honour. He also wrote a numerous amount of books and short stories, far to many to be listed briefly. In 1954, the same year he wrote "The Old Man and the Sea", Hemmingway was nominated, and won, the Nobel Prize for outstanding accomplishments in Literature. This is the greatest honour an author could receive, and Hemmingway was humbled, as he said in his speech: "No writer who knows the great writers who did not receive the Prize can accept it other than with humility." This was the peak in Hemmingway's career. This outstanding award was not the only one he received for his works. In 1953,...

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