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Eros Comparison Of Poems Between Robert Stevenson And Anne Bridges Ap Lit Research Paper

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Shetty �1
Ariyana Shetty
Dr. Godat
AP English Literature and Composition
19 January 2018
Eros and His Supporters
Although both poems featured revolve around the God of Love, Eros, the narrators,
Robert Bridges and Anne Stevenson, highlight drastically different characteristics of the God
denoting their varying opinions and tones in each poem. It is said that words mimic the character
of the person writing them. Therefore, Bridges and Stevenson clearly show their opposing
underlying assumption about the God of love: one of a perfect, powerful, and lonely God and the
other of a lost and feeble being (in that respective order).
Bridges begins his poem, EPΩ∑, with a question. “Why hast thou nothing in thy face?”
His setting tone of curiosity helps develop the God of Love into a being that must be revered.
The author has some difficulty wording his admiration for Eros by calling him a “tyrant of the
human heart” and later on stating that he is an “image of eternal Truth”. This comparison in one
poem itself shows that Bridges considers him an all knowing God capable of being brutal and
cold-hearted while also being apathetic towards those facing heartbreak. Bridges returns to an
attitude of wonderment in the second stanza, noting that “only thy soft unchristened smile, that
shadows neither love nor guile.” Thus, by using the metaphor of shadows, he illustrates the
God’s ambiguity when it comes to power. He cannot be swayed to either side in terms of his
morals. While he attempts to reveal his feelings about the God of Love through the use of
figurative language, Bridges utilizes a steady rhyme scheme to show is faith in Eros unlike
Shetty �2
Stevenson who skips around when rhyming to display her uncertainty. Bridges again brings up
Eros’s conflict arousing nature by speaking of “[the] victim of [his] grace.” The two words,
victim and grace, indicate two unconventional connotations. “Victim” describes the negativity in
Eros’s life while “grace” indicates a godly presence. These contrasting features depict the flaws
that might not be pictured. Eros is a God...

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