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Our ancestors have practiced sex since the beginning of our civilization. Sex is not a bad thing nor is it a good thing when one thinks about sex all the time. It is best to have intercourse with those whom one feels the most affection to. Taboos regarding sexual affection have diminished throughout time. It was unimaginable to see lesbians and homosexuals announce their love to one another in public. There are religions that define masturbation as a dreadful act, but it only shows how disconnected certain religions are from society as well as presidents enjoying oral sex, rather than regular intercourse. Societies now have the liberty to choose their partner even if, they are the same gender as well as express their love to one another publicly. We know have the freedom to explore our carnal desires freely, inclusively in the military. Humans need for sexual affection has gone to such extremes in needing animals to fulfill their erotic desires. In the remote past, there is evidence showing humans engaging in sexual activities with large creatures as well as Greek urns, showing men having intercourse with creatures, but also women engaging erotically with donkeys. Mainly women seek sexual attention in dogs primarily to fulfill their voluptuous desires, but reaching those extents only shows the perversion of our society. Greek pots from times gone by depict male figures having sex with deer’s and miniature deer’s mounting women, reveal humanity seeking sexual pleasure with animals, rather than humans. Women are usually the ones who get involve in sexual activities with animals. Farmer men, as well as corporate men living in rural areas, tend to get involve with beings. Young girls start to feel sexual emotions when riding horses, since it triggers feelings in areas that are unknown to them at such an early age. It is projected that, young farm men feel sexually released with animals, rather than women, since most of them are not willing to give their womanhood before marriage. Women restrain themselves to arouse as well as touch the creature, but also avoid being licked. There...

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