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Error In Grammar: Ignorance Or Lethargy?

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The communities we are raised in have a large impact on the way we speak, write, and think. More than likely, northerners are more proper and possess better grammar than that of southerners. Is it ignorance to speak incorrectly? Maybe some people do not know “proper grammar”. Or is it simply lethargy? People become set in their ways and as long as they are understood there is no point in communicating appropriately, simplicity is their aim. These inaccuracies in grammar are not subject to a single gender, racial group, or region, but can give a hint to characteristics like social status. Everyone has their share in it. The source of this links to a person’s foundation and/or education. Over ...view middle of the document...

Correctness has become effortless. Phones have autocorrect, Microsoft Word corrects fragments, and so much more. Technology has taken on the burden of appropriate grammar for us. Though technology is great, what happens when it is not around to come to the rescue? Technology cannot write their essays for them, a crucial skill to have in academia. This is where this problem sinks in. This is an example of our community, as a whole, influencing our grammar. Our society is so technologically advanced there is no need for proper grammar. Being raised in a small southern town can have a huge impact on the way you speak as well; more than likely correct grammar is not a big “to-do” in an environment such as this. If not possessing a solid foundation in grammar, several people are in a bind. Also, why communicate a sentence in ten words when it can be communicated, just as effectively, in five? An example: “I am not going to give up”, versus “I am not going to give up”. Two words were removed and replaced with shorter, less proper, versions. This would be an example of people who are lethargic when it comes to grammar, probably due to the environment surrounding them. These types of people usually do not care if others judge them because of their errors. Reasons to speak correctly simply are not there. Ignorance would be circumstances such as going to school in a poor city. The education is not as great as it would be in a wealthier city, so those people simply are not aware, and they are not to blame. Though these people did not have a strong foundation, it is still up to them to better themselves for the future. Usually these people obtain a lower social status.
Social status is just one of the characteristics that can be predetermined from their grammar. Barber says this about social class speech by stating “All social classes speak roughly the same, except that the better educated upper and middle classes have better diction and grammar” (433). To support this, one could say that a white, upper class, businessman, would have better grammar than a black, lower class, factory worker. Though this is partially the point in Geneva Smitherman’s “Talkin and Testifyin: The Language of Black America”, it may not...

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