Mistakes Are The Usual Bridge Between Inexperience And Wisdom.

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A mistake can be a wrong deed, a misconception, a flawed theory, or even an inappropriate action or thought. Through the course of doing things, people make mistakes due to their inexperience, which includes lack of skill and knowledge. More often than not, man become wiser and more capable by learning from these mistakes, whether they are made by others or themselves.I agree that mistakes are the usual path from inexperience to wisdom. Mistakes are often made by the young and inexperienced. For example, a junior one student will make mistakes in simple addition and subtraction sums, as he is unfamiliar with the mathematical equations and calculations. Yet, after learning from these mistakes, he will be experienced in doing similar sums. Of course, the above statement applies to relationships as well. There are frequent reports on teenagers mixing with bad company because of their poor judgement and therefore committed certain crimes. Upon reflection, these teenagers realised their mistakes and have become much wiser in making friends. Isn't this a perfect example of inexperience leading to mistakes, which in turn lead to wisdom?Over the thousands of years of civilisation, many famous people have also proven that mistakes are the channel between inexperience and wisdom. Thomas Edison, the famous scientist, is well known for his invention of the light bulb. However, how many know that he has tried over one hundred times for a suitable material for the filament? His many mistakes have led him to wisdom and away from inexperience. Because mistakes make us smarter, people today are learning history, in which we learn mistakes made by our forefathers. Hence, we know why it is wrong to have a cradle-to-grave welfare system like the United Kingdom and why it is very dangerous and destructive to our country if our four races were not living in harmony. History is also the reason why the world is protesting so strongly against the proposed US attack on Iraq - because we have learnt that war is destructive. By learning from past mistakes made, we do not repeat them and therefore can improve on ways to make this...

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