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Escape Essay

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It was the cold that woke me up. I sat slowly, rubbing my aching head. I could see my breath in front of me creating a fog by my face. There was hardly any light and my eyes strained to look around me.
The floor below me was old and splintered wood. There was an eerie stillness and quiet around me. I stood up carefully, only to fall to my knees out of dizziness. I groaned and felt the spot on my head that ached so badly.
I could feel the hot, sticky mess of blood in my hair and began to panic. Why couldn’t I remember how I got here?
Where am I?

I forced myself to calm down and slow my breathing. By this time my eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting just enough to make out the cabin-like interior around me.It was nearly bare other than the small moth eaten couch and rotting coffee table.
This place had to have been abandoned for several years. I reluctantly started to crawl towards the conjoined kitchen, in fear of falling if I stood up, and began searching for something to help my bleeding scalp.
I felt around the broken cabinets and countertops to no avail. I opened a rather odd looking cabinet, still in perfect condition, and reached inside, but quickly pulled back my hand in shock.
My now bleeding fingertip pulsed with pain as I took a closer look inside. There was an old, engraved dagger sitting innocently in the middle of the shelf.
I took it out hastily and looked around for something to wrap around my wound. I ended up using an old curtain cut into strips.
Just as I was tying it around my head, there was a creak in the floorboards above me. I could hear my heart beating out of my chest as the creaking continued into uniformed footsteps.
Panicking, I looked around the room for some kind of escape. There was a hallway directly across from me and I started running towards it. The footsteps were growing louder with each passing second. I was just inches away from the hall when I came crashing to the ground. I sucked in a cry of pain as I tried to see what had caused me to lose my footing. The ragged carpet had been pulled up at the corner and underneath was what looked like a trap door.
I contemplated my options when I realized how quiet the world around me had become. The footsteps had stopped and there was a silence that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Out of curiosity I went over to the trap door and pulled it open, the rusty...

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