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Escape...Essay About What I Do To Escape From The Problems And Anxiety Of Life. Can Be Used As An Essay For Scholarships Or College Applications

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Life is tough. No one is going to deny it. Instead, everyone finds a place they can go to escape from the problems and anxiety of life. It doesn't matter what you may be suffering from, or how happy and nice a person you are, everyone needs to flee from life. When life is getting tough, I love to retreat to the football field. The football field is my sanctuary, during a game. All the turmoil and troubles that may be swirling around us, on the outside world, don't matter. Everything is just right on the field. There's victory and there's defeat. The stadium is ...view middle of the document...

The noise begins to grow with every minute that passes. As we run out onto the field, I can hear the fans screaming, the cheerleaders cheering, and coaches refreshing the game plan. I take note of everything going on around me during warm-ups, because once the game begins it becomes very difficult to hear anything, but what's going on if front of you. The quarterback is going through his cadence. The coaches are yelling adjustments. The defensive backs are checking their coverages. The linebackers are altering the defensive call. The safety is identifying the formation. The linemen are barking out their blocking scheme. Then, the ball is snap, and I just play. Everything seems to happen so fast and furious that it's hard to focus on anything but what is right in front of me. At times, I can even see the fear in the eyes of the opponent lined up across from me. No matter what pain I get from injuries that happen through the course of a game, I still play with the intention of leaving it all on the field. During a game, I escape from all the anxieties and complexities of life. During that one hundred and twenty minutes of being on the battlefield, nothing else matters than beating the man lined up across from you. Herman Edwards once said, "You play to win the game!" Everyday of my life, I am fighting in a war to win the game.

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