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Escape From The Freshman 15 Essay

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The very first thing I did when I landed in California, was stuff my face with some delicious fast food; let’s just say the American commercials I saw back in Africa accomplished their goal. The first few months in California were hard, especially being alone in a new country; therefore I made two new best friends, food and social media. When I finally became accustomed to this strange land, I kicked the excessive eating and social media to the curb, but they left me a present in the form of thirty pounds of fat. The American diet turned me from a pebble on the seashore to a mountain in the Himalayas. I always thought that I had a fast metabolism, but instead I got a double dose of the Freshman Fifteen. Today I’ve turned my situation around, so I conducted a survey to see if students in De Anza are keeping a healthy lifestyle. I gave out twenty-nine questionnaires to my English classmates; the questionnaire consists of seven questions that asked about: rating how healthy the person’s lifestyle currently is, knowing if they exercise during finals week, finding out whether the person worked, played sports or if they drive, seeing the person’s views on veganism and if they believe exercise can relieve stress. I took the Lifetime Wellness and Fitness class at De Anza College which gave me a substantial amount of insight in living a healthy lifestyle. I also interviewed one of my classmates, Timothy Suprapto, who gave me his views on a healthy lifestyle (Ethos). When one begins college, one may feel a sudden change of pace in their life, like many having to begin working and others having to start living on their own; therefore it’s understandable for students to think that their nutrition and fitness should take a backseat. However these reasons are not significant enough for one to neglect the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. After analyzing the questionnaire my classmates took, I feel that there is a serious lack of consideration to the importance of one’s nutrition and fitness in De Anza College. Students need to engage in more physical activity, of course there are various reasons on why we don’t exercise much; as one of the participants in the questionnaire bluntly answered “no time; lazy”. It is astonishing to see how inactive we truly are. On a question on the questionnaire, where the students had to rate their physical activity and overall healthiness in their lifestyle on a range from one to five (five being highly active); of the people who answered the questionnaire, 14 percent gave a rating of three, 34 percent gave a rating of two and 14 percent gave a rating of one. That means over 60 percent of the participants of the questionnaire partake in physical activity that amounts to walking 30 minutes a day or walking from class to class (Logos). The best way to begin a moderate healthy physical lifestyle is to take up an activity or sport. Participating in activities you enjoy, such...

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