Escape Through Death In Madame Bovary And Like Water For Chocolate

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Death is inevitable and inexperienced, but it is always present as an escape from the unwanted tone of one’s life that has their goals unaccomplished, desires unachieved and situations unsatisfied. Using death as a resolution for the protagonist’s problems, the authors, Gustave Flaubert and Laura Esquivel, represent the suffering and sickness of female characters, in their works, Madame Bovary and Like Water For Chocolate, respectively, leading to their tragic ending, death. Bringing up the theme of feminism, the writers simultaneously highlight the trend of romanticism in the particular era, which forced the characters to rebel against the restrictions formed by the society and social reforms.
Since the beginning of the novel, it is seen that Emma Bovary often used the strategy of “escape” to excuse herself from the daily routine of life she possessed and which she perceives as confinement. And, as we read through ‘like water for chocolate’, it is noticed that Tita wanted to escape her controlled life which practically could only happen if mama Elena would realize the importance of marriage and its values, which was not possible seeing the nature of mama Elena. Tita never explicitly wished that Mama Elena die, but her death was the only way out to her world of happiness, romance and freedom. Hence, the readers see the importance of death in tita’s life leading her to freedom. .
Flaubert shows repeated images of Emma trying to free herself from the ordinaries of life by reading novels, day dreaming when she was younger, and moving from one town to another and fantasizing as she got older. On the other side, Esqivel shows the controlled and restricted life of tita since her childhood by Mama Elena, until she fights for her rights, freedom and love life all of which is forbidden from her due to traditional customs. The boundaries formed by the society forced both Emma and tita to take steps against the social norms to attain happiness in their life. Hence, this had tremendous effects on the life of Emma and left her in helpless situations, causing unconscious self- deterioration. Readers see an unsatisfied woman at the very start of the novel when Flaubert starts his descriptive style of writing on the life she had led in convent. Emma used to read romantic novels, which gave her rapturous ideas about love life. Soon, she got married to Charles Bovary and realized her ideas seemed “beautiful only in books”. “And Emma tried to find out what one meant exactly in life by the words felicity, passion, rapture, that had seemed to her so beautiful in books. (23)” - she searched for meaning of the words she had read in her real life. She looked and waited to experience instances she dreamt of.
In like water for chocolate, tita is deprived of the married life which she desires to have with pedro. Her feelings are not hidden and her emotions are conveyed to the readers as well as the characters by the use of food.
She started suffering illness and...

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