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Picture yourself standing a New York City, or Boston, whatever city you please. Close your eyes and think of the cars whizzing around; of the people rushing to make their meetings and get to work on time; with police sirens blaring in the background. Now imagine the complete opposite. You are standing in a field of green with trees surrounding you in every imaginable direction. Envision birds flying around and animals running around in their natural habitat. There is no noise except for the ambient sounds radiating from all around you. Now think to yourself, which one is more relaxing? If you were to ask me it would be the latter of the two. Nature has almost always been one of my major ...view middle of the document...

I had my own separate area, being the only other boy in the family besides my step-brother Zack, who was much older than the rest of us. Inside of my little fort I began to make a connection with the life around me. I would find bugs and small animals of all kinds to be my pets. I remember catching everything from snakes to lizards to mice. The woods and I had connected, and that connection would never be lost in me, still to this day.
I believe what drove this connection to be made, and in such a strong way, was the fact that it was an emotional connection, not just a physical one. My connection was of emotional sanctuary; not only to explore and have fun adventures. It was in these woods I would go when I was upset, or when I would get mad, which was unfortunately a lot when I was a kid because I had many behavioral issues at that time of my life, but that is a story for another day. The point is that this became my retreat. My fort was one of the few places I could be completely alone and in my element, in my own world. Nobody could tell me what to do or how to think, I lived in a world of bliss inside the confines of those trees, and that world of bliss was only amplified by my move to the beautiful landscape of the northeast.
New Hampshire is hands down on the most gorgeous states I have ever been to or lived in. The new scenery astounded me when we first made our trek up from Oklahoma. I said bye to the rolling plains of the mid-west, and hello to the tree covered mountains of the northeast. Nothing could have made my love and connection to the environment stronger. I began spending almost all of my time outdoors. I saw things I had never even imagined, like turtles that used to crawl into our pool, and geese flying through the air; and to my astonishment, feet upon feet of snow. Every new house or town that I lived in just gave me new lands to create new adventures on. I felt a connection to the world around that was as strong as ever. The blissful escapes became engrained into my head, and now live on in me as they will forever.
What makes this bliss live on in me? Well that is a hard question to answer, there are so many reason why I connected to the landscape around me. One major reason was just the fact that it was very calming and relaxing for me to be out there. The dull roar from the life surrounding me helped my thoughts fade away. It allowed me to let go of my worries for a moment, no matter how long. I could find anything to do to keep my mind occupied while out there. I could go build a fort, or maybe catch a few bugs or a toad. I could even simply pickup a stick off the ground and then all of the sudden I would be a mighty warrior fighting a giant dragon to defend my domain. Then there was the possibility of my friends being out there with me, which sent the possibilities of imagination skyrocketing. Being out there was, and still is, a creative release for me. Your mind can go where ever you want it to, it has no limits in...

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