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Esearch Method And Processes. Essay

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RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCESSESCritical essay on:Transcultural nursing: How do nurses respond to cultural needs?By Aru Narayanasamy.IntroductionThis critical essay is based on a chosen research. There is critical appraisal of the topic listed above because it is considered to be a relevant discussion, which is applicable to the current field of practice. There are many ways of presenting this essay but it has to be a limited description because only a certain amount of words is to be used. Therefore, the main goal of this essay is to establish a clear description of two of the major issues that have been found more relevant than the general issues concerned.Those two issues are firstly, the method used to elaborate on such a topic as transcultural nursing and secondly, the run through process that the author used for this article. In order to give this piece of work a good structure, the guidelines provided will be used.Background of researchIn order to obtain a satisfactory presentation, adequate research has been conducted in order to gather information for analysis. The author's background has been checked via a status search process and his qualifications and experience were thus checked and approved. The author has many previous articles (refer to bibliography) in relation to spiritual and cultural concerns. She has an exceptional background in the field of nursing. The publisher of the article was verified as well and it is clear that the latter, "The British journal of nursing", is very reputable to professionals and public.The content of the article is very relevant to the title chosen. The aim, which is to discuss transcultural issues in relation to health care provided, is set from the beginning. The purpose of the study is reflected as well and it is specified then that further, clearer description will be provided throughout the article.Critical analysisAfter thorough analysis, the article proves to be very descriptive but it bares an unclear item in its title. There is no contradiction from what is related above. The title does inspire the topic but this was analysed from a specific point of view. The implication of the word culture can change the approach on the topic as culture has different meanings for different people. Culture means, either, "developed understanding of literature, art, music, etc. A type of civilisation" or, "artificial rearing bacteria grown for study". (Oxford dictionary 1995). Another description for culture can be, "background, civilisation, customs, education, learning, traditions, and way of life". (Oxford thesaurus 1995).The author does explain her point clearly but it is only at the end of the article that everything is labelled as appropriate. What is meant here is that in the abstract presented at the beginning of the essay, there is no clear definition related about culture. Hence, if a reader analyses only the abstract, he can easily be put off from the beginning. The abstract basically is, "an...

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