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Esperanza Essay

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My adversities are the catalysts that lead to the enhancement of the opportunities in my life. I believe that my life is constructed with great purpose; a purpose that has caused the hardships I have endured thus far but also a purpose that is the core of my various achievements, a purpose that opens doors for me to support others and gives me the hope of an influential and resourceful future. My past history, present experience at Cardozo SHS and Future plans strengthen my desire to attend college and make me a great candidate for the Esperanza Scholarship.

My early life has led me to where I am today in many different ways. When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with high myopia, an ...view middle of the document...

After nine months I returned to Ethiopia, this was earlier than my visa's expiration, because of unexpected family circumstances. Because of this, I was unable to finish tenth grade and I stayed back in Ethiopia. During the two years I stayed in Ethiopia, I went to rural areas of Ethiopia to take the pictures of affected children in order to find sponsorships for them through NVCF. During my stay, I also donated traditional greeting cards that I handmade, to be sold as a fundraiser for the children in need of sponsorships.

I came to Washington D.C. seven months ago, with the same type of visa I had when I first went to Brooklyn and I currently attend Cardozo High School as a senior. Although, I am logically espoused to be in my second year of college and this makes me feel out of place at times, the situation is actually an advantage for me. Because I want to continue to study in the U.S., had I started college in Ethiopia, the courses would not have been accepted here.

My current experience as a senior at Cardozo High School continues to shape me. This year has been very transformational and successful for me. As the months went by, I found myself involved on Honor Roll again, and also was able to attend the National College Fair where I learned about the Marlboro College “Beautiful Mind Challenge”. I entered my original art, a video and a reflection essay entitled 'A Compromise Revolution: The Beauty of Diversity' and was awarded second place overall in the challenge. 
  I have spent much of the year occupied with completing my remaining academic requirements, attending extracurricular activities and attempting to find the right college. Despite the overwhelming nature of this process for myself, I still strive to support and assist others.  One of the ways I assist others is as a member of the student leadership team of The Future Project. The Future Project is a non-for-profit organization that helps high school students in organizing community-oriented projects in school. Our team is The Change Agents Dream Team. Our mission is to increase a student's sense of liveliness and enthusiasm for school life and learning. In order to reach our mission, we have held four big events and two projects this year. One event we held was an 'Appreciation Day for Teachers', in which we passed out cards for students to write thank you notes for their teachers. We also organized a poetry reading session by recently released jail inmates who were arrested as juveniles. It was a program that allowed the young men going through reentry to express themselves through their poems and to give words of advice to Cardozo students about how to not to follow the same path. Additionally, the Dream Team often gives out free nutritional smoothies in the morning, and we organized a food drive entitled 'Cardozo Gives'.
I was...

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