eSports – Argumentative Essay

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Broadcasted competitive gaming has been around since the beginning of arcade games when people were competing for the highest score on shows like Starcade back in 1982(Bell). However, in the past couple of years the competitive gaming world has exploded in growth with more games, more tournaments, more players, and bigger cash prizes. During this most recent November there were eight major tournaments for a multitude of games including League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and some less competitive games such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and Street Fighter. With over a five million people watching these tournaments it is clearly visible that there is a passionate and large group of people that want this competitive gaming scene to expand. With all the activity going on in only a month and with smaller tournaments running all the time it is clear to see that competitive gaming or more formally called eSports has become in such a small time. However, the important question is whether or not eSports should be considered an actual sport like Football, Soccer, or Basketball. According to a ruling by the Olympic Committee, League of Legends already is, and will be taking a place in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with other games being considered for the 2020 Olympics. Although there are those out that would like to dispute this ruling and say that eSports don’t meet the requirements of a traditional sport. A big argument has been conceived from the committee decision, but not all the arguments being used is valid and then there are those that.
On the side that is for eSports to be considered among the tier of sports that is broadcast on televisions throughout the world. Nick Allen, Riot Games manager of eSports, said “My reasoning was that if rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport, then League of Legends can surely be one too.”(Jack) This argument by Nick Allen is a good one because of his comparison to gymnastics a sport that most people are familiar with as long as they have watched one Olympics. He makes his point as a comparison to a well known sport to strengthen how people view his statement and show that he knows what a conventional sport entails. Another way that the people that are pro eSports being a sport facilitate their argument is their use of statistics dealing with competitive gaming’s growth. In a interview with TechCrunch, Sundance DiGiovanni, the CEO of the MLG, the largest tournament provider in America, said” MLG also told TechCrunch that it saw a 600% growth in its audience in the past three years, and now has an advertising completion rate of more than 90%.”() This statement is good because it gives clear statistics without stating an opinion or disregarding others beliefs.
While the main argument for the pro eSports becoming a sport side was growth and similar dedication and mental fortitude, the community that is against eSports being considered a traditional sport are arguing about the...