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Out the front door and down two steps got me to the lower portion of my back deck. I then swung a right and went down three more steps. I followed the trampled path of grass through the back yard, right to the edge of my property. I laughed inside because my dad always had some remark on how his grass never looked nice in the back. I then thought to myself, we followed the path multiple times a day anyways, and would always continue to do so. By this time, I hit the end of the yard and into the woods. One, two, three, four...I counted the steps that I knew by heart that would take me to my next turn. A sharp left was next and a dip in the ground. A couple more steps and I would be there, but don't forget to duck under that low tree branch! I was there. The fallen log in the back of my house was used as our tree fort. As a small child, it was a place where I spent a considerable amount of time by myself, with my younger brother, or with my friends. This was a place to go, out of the great boundaries of the yard, and into the unknown woods. At the time at least, that's what it seemed to be to us. When we were younger, exploring our surroundings was a great adventure. From this, we developed and controlled our own unique surroundings and environments to enjoy our separate freedom from the restrictions of the adult world. It was an important part of our, and especially my, growing up experience. My special tree fort was a place that I could always go and feel safe. It was a place to get away from it all and a place almost to call home. Of course it was in the woods and not really my home, but it was a location that made me feel comfortable and at ease. I visited the tree fort so many times I knew the path by heart and could walk there even in the darkest of nights. I knew the exact count to where the tree had fallen and the exact place where the front opening was. It was indeed a true part of me for quite some time. My tree fort was nothing elaborate, nor was it man made or nice in any way, shape, or form. It was simply a fallen tree with branches, leaves, and old boards put up around it to make walls. However, to me at that time it was the grandest place I could ever be. There was an opening at one end where the tip of the tree had fallen to the ground. This served as the front door. The far or back end, where the tree was still attached to its stump, served as our back wall or end of the fort. There were also many side openings that could be covered up if used as an escape door. This was very handy in case we were playing games, which were played often, such as "man hunt" or "hide-and-seek". The first initial idea of the tree fort was like a huge invention waiting to happen. It was what my close circle of friends needed at that time; a place to call their own. My neighbor, Chucky, was the one who first thought of this brilliant idea. He was held up like a god after the idea came out of his mouth. He was like "the kid to...

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