My Start In The Film Industry

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In High school, my musical theater teacher, Ms. Renee Bucciarelli said to me during a rehearsal, “Matthew, don’t worry about the details around you-focus on your performance.” But I enjoyed the process of overseeing a production until its completion. When I performed I did not feel the same passion as I felt during the process it took to produce the actual project. Ms. Bucciarelli would always tell me, “I can see you have a production company some day.” I understood that I enjoyed creating projects, but I did not understand the premise of being a producer. I went to college and studied multi-media production. I attended Oral Roberts University (ORU) and I studied television, web, video, film, and audio production in the classroom. I also had real world experience through internships. I worked a summer internship at PBS/WNET13 for two award winning TV shows in the local Television department; In the fall semester of my second year at ORU, I applied and received an internship at KGEB-53 station as a television camera operator for national TV broadcasts, live national events and ministry conferences. During my junior year, I primarily focused on audio and became an audio technician for a large 11,000-seat concert and event center. In my senior year of college, I moved to Los Angeles, California and worked at an Oscar-Award winning production company in Beverly Hills. My production experience and networking started opening doors for me. I worked freelance production jobs at sports arenas for Cox Cable Communications and ESPN. After I had graduated, I received a prestigious paid internship at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. I was an assistant video editor in their AV/Video/Photography department throughout the summer working with medical doctors and researchers filming and editing surgeries and cancer education projects.
When I arrived in New York City, I did not have a full time job, so I worked four part-time jobs and free-lanced on the side doing video production and web design. For over a year, Andrew Merelis, owner of Merelis Productions, Inc., mentored me. I learned how to run an effective small business that serviced clients. In 2007, I started Burgos Media Solutions, a multi-media production company in Lower Manhattan. Over time, I landed clients and production work with...

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