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Essay 1 And 2

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Since 1914 the United States military has grown and gotten to one of the strongest forces in the world, their technology has developed from Molotov cocktails to the development of the atomic bomb. As nations across the world started to build their troops and modernize, they also began to ally with each other, especially throughout Europe. The Triple Entente consisted of Great Britain, Russia, and France- and the Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Austria and Italy. Since land was still being fought over in Europe it was bound for a war to start, the spark setting off the beginning of WWI was in the Balkans, this is where the Ottoman Empire disintegrates and new territories wanted to take ...view middle of the document...

S. became threatened the U.S. would stay neutral. Unfortunately in May 1915, a German submarine sunk a British cruise liner that was carrying people, including Americans, as well as arms. Once this had occurred, Wilson saw that Americans were now being included in this battle he wanted to get prepared for war. It was also the time for elections in the U.S. and Wilson was reelected as President, as with the slogan “He keeps us out of war,” as many Americans did not want to go to battle. Throughout all of this the war in Europe was still going strong and shortly after elections, more American ships were sunk right outside the British Isles. Wilson became more on edge when Britain intercepted a telegram from the German secretary, Arthur Zimmerman. This telegram was being sent to Mexico to try and let them ally with German to fight against the United States. If they had agreed to join, their land that was previously taken over in the Mexican War would be returned to them. This immediately made Wilson call for a time of war. At first the U.S. was not being directly involved with any sort of fighting or warfare but small actions were happening that would indeed lead us to join.
Shortly after Wilson mentioned to Congress about his desire to go to war against Germany, he came up with a plan of exactly what our war tactics intended on doing and his hope for a new world order- to become known as Wilsons Fourteen Points. These points included Wilson explaining the need for all countries to come together in order to trade, keep the seas open, get rid of “secret” treaties, and try and have some peace (584.) He wanted this to be the war that ended all wars while also making the world safe for democracy- or at least this is what he told Americans. Once Wilson had established these views it was time he stood for American freedom and sent troops over to Europe to put Germany back in their place, as well as show how strong America truly is. Germany had already been fighting near Paris for so long and by the time American troops arrived, they were exhausted. In a short and sharp nine months, Germany surrendered on November 9th, 1918. This victory showed the world that Wilson knew how to make the right decisions in keeping his country safe, by not jumping straight into war and losing citizens. We went into the war and showed our strength, not only did the Germans see it, but so did the world.
After the war, world power seemed to be a big deal on who was indeed the strongest. Wilson met with Georges Clemenceau of France, David Lloyd George of Britain, and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy; this group became known as “The Big 4.” They joined together in Versailles to have a peace talk in which they also came up with a treaty (Treaty of Versailles) that established the League of Nations which allowed for peaceful interactions between these nations. Also Germany was made responsible for paying nations back for the damage they had made, since they were chosen as the...

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