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Derek Jeter has announced that after this upcoming 2014 season he will be retiring from the game of baseball. In honor of this decision I wanted to recognize some of his amazing achievements as a Yankee but also as a leader in the MLB.

From an early age Derek Jeter was being scouted and projected to be a major league star. As a senior in high school, many professional teams including the Colorado Rockies scouted Jeter. A copy of the scouting report on Jeter says, "This guy is special. You get excited just watching him warm up. All-Star potential at MLB level." (Axisa, Mike, This was very high-level praise coming from an MLB scout when talking about a high school senior. ...view middle of the document...

Jeter has never worn a “C” on his jersey but he is the official captain of the team and is recognized as so without the “C.” Along with being the captain of the Yankees, Jeter was also captain of Team USA during the World Baseball Classic. It is clear that Jeter is a player that leads by example not only for the other players on his team and in the league but also for young children around the world who watch an aspire to be like Derek Jeter. I know this first-hand, growing up in New York, the Yankees are my favorite team and my favorite player since I can remember has been Derek Jeter. He affects the people around him in a very unique way. “Former teammate David Cone says that for months during that 1996 season, Yankees veterans would look for any of the typical openings to jump on a rookie-the way he dressed, the quotes he gave reporters, "anything," Cone says-but found nothing. They finally gave up. By the second half of Jeter's rookie season his teammates stopped looking for a reason to humble him and started looking to him to lead them” (Verducci, Tom). Based on quotes like this it is clear that Jeter is a special player that has natural ability to lead and make his teammates better.
During his 19-year career Jeter has been a leader not only on the field as the Yankee Captain but also for the game of baseball in general. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said that Jeter is “Major League Baseball’s foremost champion and ambassador” (Verducci, Tom). Also, in 2009, Sports Illustrated named Derek Jeter Sportsman of the Year. Receiving this honor shows that Jeter has continually shown excellence both on and off the field. " ‘You embody all the best of Major League Baseball,’ Selig wrote in the March 30 letter. ‘As I mentioned to you in our recent telephone conversation, you have represented the sport magnificently throughout your Hall of Fame career. On and off the field, you are a man of...

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