Essay 1: Verbal And Nonverbal Miscommunication

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Clear communication is key in life, in fact, it is essential. Communicating clearly can make the difference between telling someone verbally “I love it!” in a joyous tone when receiving a gift you enjoy or saying, “I…love” with a look of grimace, when you found out the present was a disappointment. Communication has two main factors: Verbal and Nonverbal. Verbal Communication is messages one uses to relay information to another person through words or language. This type of communication can be a face-to-face interaction or may use channels such as email or written letters to communicate a message. Nonverbal communication are messages that are not spoken but conveyed through one’s body language. Unspoken messages can include: facial expressions, eye contact and hand gestures. Miscommunication is a daily occurrence in our society; it is when a message we are communicating, verbally or nonverbal, are not interpreted correctly. Secondly, miscommunication can also transpire when a phrase or words are ambiguous or may have different meanings in various cultures. In this essay I will discuss four different scenarios I have personally experienced when miscommunication occurred verbally and nonverbal.
From a young age I’ve always had an issue with comprehension and could not always understand certain expressions I would hear; I tend to take words in the literal sense. I recall when I went to dinner with one of my good friends and she told me, “See that girl over at the bar? She has a lot of junk in her truck.” I was baffled by this comment. I wondered how my friend knew what that woman had in the truck of her car. “Really?” I replied “Does she not clean out her car?” My friend started to laugh hysterically and explained to me that junk in trunk meant she had a huge derrière. Needless to say, I was embarrassed. Furthermore, miscommunication can occur when words or phrases has an entire different meaning in diverse cultures.
A few years ago I went to visit my family in Arizona during the holidays. During Christmas dinner I told my family that I still needed to take my boys to the Hale (Hawaiian for house) when I returned to Honolulu. After making this comment, my bother-in-law who is Mexican, just stared at me and said harshly...

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