Precision, Cleverness, And Allies Are Key To Success

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Precision, Cleverness and Allies Are Key to Success
What is being strategic? What is being a tactician? Is everyone capable of these skills or is it just a few who are? Who has these skills and/or qualities? Is it just for heroes in society or can others have these traits? Medea, a barbarian in the city of Corinth, is a character from the play “Medea and Other Plays” written by Euripides, is a decisive planner, who knows how to manage her cleverness in her surroundings, and how to build allies to get out of a sticky situation; thus, she should be apart of the “Strategist Club,” which consist of honorable Greeks and non-Greeks in society, because she consists of the qualities which make a strategist.
Control is key to obtain one’s end goal. Every strategist needs to have some sense of control or management in his/her cleverness to make sure his/her plans are executed in a precise manner. Medea is able to control others with her cleverness, in her surroundings to maneuver her plan. She knows peoples weaknesses and plays on that. For example, in regards to Creon, the king of Corinth, he does not want to become a tyrant. Thus, when he’s kicking Medea out of the city, she convinces him to let her stay one more day there for the sake of her children. Creon accepts her pleads, because he is “no tyrant.” That was Creon’s weakness and Medea decided to pursue it to get what she wants, to kill the princess and to make her husband, Jason, suffer. Medea accomplishes such an action, in a matter of a day. Medea has the trait of cleverness and control, which strategist must endure to be effective.
People, who aren’t precise about their life’s desires, are like rocks traveling down a rushing river. Their lives’ aren’t easy flowing, like those who are organized about what he/she wishes to accomplish. If one plans his/her life, he/she sees him/herself attaining his/her goal by any means necessary because it is important to him/her. If one is not organized about his/her life, how can other aspects of his/her life be tamed and not in chaos? Is it possible? No, it is not. As shown in Medea, planning and strategizing forces people to meet their end desire, even on short notice. Medea’s husband, Jason, abandoned her and her children because he went to marry the princess of Corinth, Glauce. Medea was furious, but with careful planning she was able to gain revenge on her husband. She killed Jason’s new wife without being near her. Medea’s careful and thoughtful planning of Glauce’s death, was executed within less than one day. Medea sent a peace offering of (“clothing”), which was covered in poison. The coronet turned into fire, and enclosed Glauce’s head as tried to get it off, while the dress ate at her skin. Medea plan to kill the princess was executed precisely as planned, her sons brought her the gift and she tried it on parading in it. Medea had this women’s intuition, which she knew Glauce wouldn’t refuse her gift. Medea’s careful planning and precise actions...

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