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The Celebritiy Sam Patch Essay

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During this time in reference to Sam patch and the 1800-1837; the Industrial revolution is taking place. Large Factories are being produced in large costal cities. Production of new and old products are on the rise and as well as the demand. People are working day and day out in the factories just live another day but hoping ultimately to be able to afford the products they create themselves. However with that being said obviously those who own these growing ever so
Elusive companies where making very obtainable money and power. This creating the three social classes we live by today, upper class, middle class, and poverty. Thus this begins to bring us into a common modern day America; where the reactions of the American people are to in some way find common ground amongst one another and give power to, celebrities, and support someone with a similar life styles and beliefs to help give that group of citizens’ a voice and the ability to possibly change to change something; this was also used in reverse where one person with power looking for more support would familiarize and make himself a celebrity with a specific group. Whether this is on the behalf of political, racial, economical, and or religious the American people would idolize someone to be their mascot so to say. This tactic can come to be brought about with the actions of the everyday working man “Sam Patch, a factory hand who, in the 1820s, became America’s first professional daredevil. Patch jumped from high places beside waterfalls. Journalists wrote about him, crowds came to see him, boys imagined being him, and… he was a mill boy who became a celebrity.”(1)
In the life and time of Sam patch as well as other figures from this time all depict America in various ways that can ultimately be rooted by negativity or positivity from the Industrial revolution at that time. As stated before the people would support someone in common ground in accordance to fighting against for or against something else. For example Sam Patch and his family had become very poor over time due to his father and his drinking problems, thus as they became poor this forced Sam Patch and his family to work as under paid factories workers. Being now in a poor area Sam Patch had found pleasure in jumping off of a near by swimming pool. However in this area a high class sawmill owner known as Timothy B. crane “had bought the forested north bank of Passaic Falls… [in which] he turned into a...

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