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The taste of the processed chicken from my elementary school cafeteria remains imbedded in my memory. I can still taste the chunks of chicken that could not be broken up by my teeth, and the tired, lazy feeling I had walking back to my next class. This is the exact situation organic farmer and producers are trying to avoid by making healthy products. The documentary, In Organic We Trust, attempts to persuade the viewers that organic products create a healthy lifestyle, and improve living conditions for people all over the world. Kip Pastor’s use of ethos and logos in his documentary are strong and provide supporting evidence, however, Pastor is lacking an abundant amount of pathos. Pastor incorporates logos into his documentary by allowing the audience to experience a multitude of facts and supporting evidence. Ethos is used in the film through Pastor’s interviews with professionals, and pathos is shown by the touching stories of individuals.
Pastor’s strongest rhetorical technique is the use of logos. The viewers are provided with an abundant amount of facts and knowledge that help to support Pastor’s point of view. The video attempts to persuade readers to eat organic, and this goal is accomplished by providing evidence that processed food creates an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, Pastor notes that there has been a 150% increase in obesity, causing a shorter lifespan. Pastor also provides statistics such as one American every five minutes dies of obesity, and one out of three people get diabetes. These facts are meant to get the viewers attention, and cause them to think twice before they eat fast food. These logos are effective because they are able to make a huge statement, screaming to the viewers that lives are in jeopardy if eating habits remain unchanged.
Furthermore, Pastor uses logos to demonstrate how organic food contributes in preserving the environment. By providing facts, statistics and interviews Pastor is able to prove to the audience that using fewer pesticides benefits the environment. For instance, Pastor explains that there are 60 billion pounds of pesticides that find their way into drinking water and food. In result, there is a tremendous percentage of caner, autism, and birth defects due to the toxins constantly being released into the environment. Pastor includes this information in order to appeal to the audience on an issue, besides personal health. These logos help the viewer to understand that eating organic not only benefits them, but also effects the environment and all the people living on Earth.
Moreover, Pastor examines the opposing viewpoint, noticing that the USDA certification of organic food does not necessary mean the product is healthy. Examples of products such as Heresies and Pepsi are given to the viewers to demonstrate unhealthy organic food, forming the question: How can a candy bar be organic? Pastor interviews a series of professionals that are knowledgeable on the subject of USDA...

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