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Essay 2 Consumerism Comparison Doritos

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The comparison of the two Doritos ads comes from 1970’s Card Shark commercial and the 2010 Super Bowl commercial showing a little boy telling her moms date not to touch momma or his Doritos. Both commercial show a conflict that happens between the main players in the ads. The main comparison that you see is the race of the actors. As I reviewed the 1970’s ads I could not find any that were racially equal with the cast members.
I in the 1970’s thirty second Doritos ad with in the first nine seconds you know what this commercial is selling Doritos. The opening seen the main actor is setting at a table well dressed in a suit playing cards with three other gentlemen. At about seven or eight ...view middle of the document...

African American, Hispanics, and Indian people were not widely used in commercial do to the racial times in the United States.
The next Doritos commercial ad comes from 2010 its thirty-three seconds in length. The ad opens with a gentleman holding flowers and knocking on a bright white door, it appears to be a bright sunny day. The gentleman is greeted at the door by a very attractive African American women but the audience still can not tell what product is being sold and it now been five seconds into the thirty-three second ad. The indoor walls are painted a bright burnt orange or yellow with brown and tan furniture. At twelve minutes into the ad so far no products had been seen or introduced to the viewers. The ad cuts to the women walking away from the gentleman down a hall wearing a short skirt and the gentlemen making a face that he likes what he sees. Half way now into the ad fifteen seconds the camera cuts to the women little son holding a game controller and he had been watching the gentlemen expression on his mother walking away down the hall he clearly does not approve. The first sign of what this ad could be about comes sixteen minutes into the commercial when a clear glass bowl of Doritos are shown setting on a table all by them -selves. The next seen shows the gentleman seating down on the sofa and speaking to the little boy and the little boy with a frown on his face and his eyes fixed on the gentleman the bowl of Doritos can be seen at the bottom of the screen but it could be easily over looked by the consumer. Up to this point from a consumer perspective the first fifteen seconds of this commercial real had no value to any one...

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