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Essay #2 Distance Learning

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Getting a degree at home is easy today. With the revolution of modern technology and communication it became more opportunity for people who like to be educated without having to go to universities, colleges or schools, studying at home with less cost like books, housing and gasoline. Distance learning shortened stress and save the effort for those interested in learning and knowledge. Now, for example: the learners can do their assignments and exams whenever they want and works at the same time, the mother as well as learning and taking care of her children ;also to those couch potato who like siting and laying down, distance learning is more comfortable for them. So much fun! But ...view middle of the document...

Second, education requires some writing skills to express ideas, but some learners have difficulty in expressing their opinions and their ideas by writing, as many prefer to express their thoughts orally. Finally, the biggest social problem that may affect the learner is the tendency to isolation and decline to communicate with others because of the many warnings that alert from overuse electronic devices such as televisions and computers because it led to a tendency to isolation, however, if the nature of learner is introvert, distance learning will increase the isolation from others and difficulty to communicate with other. So social life in campus better for student.
Poor quality degree, some of the players on the law can take an advantage of distance learning, the learners can enroll in any College offer on line course and make other people do their assignments and exams behalf of them. The result is getting certain degree without any experience or learn about major for example, if someone got a degree in medicine, after employment it could cause medical...

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