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Essay #2: Milgram Experiment Vs “The Lottery”

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The voice of authority, powerful, influential, and enduring. But the best part is, it can come from anything. From cultures, traditions, and rituals, to the most influential politician down to a man in uniforms. Basically the voice of authority can come from anything as long as they’re perceive as so, and being so in the end made them the scapegoats for every wrongdoings men commits. Both the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and the Milgram Experiment presents us the unconscious human nature of obedience towards what perceives to be an authority. Meanwhile the results also serves as a message to promote humanity living a conscious life instead of blindly conforming with the ...view middle of the document...

The Milgram Obedience Experiment on the other hand questions natural human behaviors towards authorities instead of a silent tradition. The authoritative figures in the experiment were the actors dress as scientist, and without questioning these men in white coat for any credentials, sixty-five percent of the test subjects eventually obeys all the orders given to them. These test subjects ranges from CEOs to plumbers, and of course they did not simply obey. Most if not all debates the ethical issues as the shock voltage continues to increase, but according to a podcast from radiolab on the Milgram Experiment, Milgram have scripted these responses and the “scientist” prods the subjects to continue four times with the final prod as an order. From this we can conclude the authority establishes itself here with the way it presents itself and the tone of voice they use to command the subjects.
The Milgram Experiment puts human nature into question by testing the conditions it takes for humans to commit evil deeds. The experiment originally sets out to explain the war crimes committed by Nazis War Criminals during War World II and why so many soldiers would obey these inhumane orders even though they had clear humane consciousness themselves. When asking these soldiers of their motives, they simply answer with the excuse of “just following orders”. (Milgram Obedience Study Video) The experiment provides shocking results with over sixty-five percent of the test subjects willing hurt a stranger than disobeying an order. These outcomes clearly concludes that over half of the test subjects would in fact obey authority simply because the authoritative figure appears to be a professional or that the consequences of the experiment would fall upon the person giving them the commands. But this experiment did more than just solve the mystery to the Nazis’s obedience, it also creates widly debateable topics in sociology about human nature and how manipulative it can be. When following orders we become childlike, unable to tell the difference between good and evil, or maybe perhaps its just too much of a hassle to disagree and better to totally just disregard who is actually pulling the trigger. We put faith into what seems to be trustworthy just like young children who never doubts their parents. If so, then are humans inherently good or evil? If society did not prepare us with all these social protocols, it would be difficult to imagine what humanity would become, under authorities with malicious intents. Then what about our government that we put so much faith in? Is our morals standards preached...

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