Essay 2: Summarizing A Study That Tested The Eppm

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Essay 2: Summarizing a Study that Tested the EPPMThrough the use of fear appeals, the purpose of the study, "Preventing the Spread Of Genital Warts", is to decrease the spread of genital warts. The authors of the study used the EPPM, as a guide to understand why fear appeal campaigns tend to not work in certain public health issues. The purpose of this study relates to the EPPM because genital warts are a public health risk. By testing five hypotheses, supporting facts were found that predicted when and under what specific conditions fear appeal campaigns worked, more specifically genital warts. Considering that genital warts has been seen to cause more severe health implications for women, only females were asked to participate in the study. A total of 219 college females participated in the study. Women for the first three conditions, or hypotheses, were recruited through campus activities or from intro classes on campus. All women were approached in person and asked to be a part of an STD prevention study; In turn, if the individual agreed, they were given 1 of 3 randomly selected packets, containing a cover letter describing the study, a blank envelope, and either packet 1, 2, or 3. Packet 1 contained both the fear appeal message and a questionnaire; packet 2 contained only the fear appeal message; and packet 3 contained only a questionnaire. Students who received packet 1 and 2 were asked to read their message carefully while underlining important passages; and those who received an immediate posttest filled out the questionnaire. Afterward, the participants were told that in approximately 2 weeks they would be receiving a follow-up questionnaire, to assess any further comments or concerns about genital warts. The students were then asked to write their name and address on the envelope (a respondent identification number matching the message/questionnaire they received) was already written on the envelope provided.The EPPM validates crucial points in the genital wart issue. The primary results of the study were...

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