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Romance Movies And Real Life Relationships

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Today, romance is one of the most popular genres to watch on television. Unlike most, romance is a genre where the plot revolves around the love between two main characters as they experience the highs and lows of love. “Common themes that revolve around romantic movies are kissing, love at first sight, tragic love, destructive love, and sentimental love” (Taylor). These themes appear in many historical films and the pattern still continues in modern films as well. Watching romantic movies has a giant negative influence on the viewer's analysis of what love and relationships should really be like. These films give the wrong impression of reality when it comes to dating, marriage, having children, and even how to manage a relationship in the first place. Even though romantic movies are commonly watched, there are many effects on personal real-life relationships after watching these types of films.
To begin with, romantic movies mold expectations of what love is really like. They portray that love is the only thing that matters. In the past, love was secondary. Relationships were arranged by parents because they wanted their children to join lands or kingdoms, and whether or not the couple actually loved each other was irrelevant. Today, parents have almost no say in who their children fall in love with. Romance movies over-emphasize love when it comes to “falling in love at first sight” and the idea that “true love conquers all”. I’m sure that almost everyone knows that real-life love doesn’t work like this, but that doesn’t mean that those illustrations of love that movies characterize doesn’t affect viewers’ hope for romance and true love in their own life. For example, after watching The Notebook, viewers might portray Noah’s love for Ally as writing her a letter every single day for a year. She ended up with three-hundred sixty five letters from him. People who have seen this move might expect their significant other to write them letters, but it is very unrealistic for a someone in real-life to write their loved one this may letters. Viewers end up relating their personal life to one of the characters in the film and are left searching for that happy ending. The article “Romantic Comedies Affect Beliefs About Relationships”, written by Arlyn Riskind, suggests to readers that romantic films are a major source for developing unrealistic expectations about love and relationships. “A survey of 335 undergraduate students in the Midwest found a significant relationship between reporting watching romantic films often and belief in the ideals “love conquers all,” “one and only” love (soul mate) and “love at first sight” (Riskind). These findings compliment the expectation that watching romantic movies is a major source leading to the unrealistic expectations among viewers.
In addition, romantic comedies also give the wrong impression on relationships. If viewers are getting the wrong idea about love itself, then that leads them into expecting more...

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