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Between 1800 and 1860 slavery in the American South had become a ‘peculiar institution’ during these times. Although it may have seemed that the worst was over when it came to slavery, it had just begun. The time gap within 1800 and 1860 had slavery at an all time high from what it looks like. As soon as the cotton production had become a long staple trade source it gave more reason for slavery to exist. Varieties of slavery were instituted as well, especially once international slave trading was banned in America after 1808, they had to think of a way to keep it going – which they did. Nonetheless, slavery in the American South had never declined; it may have just come to a halt for a long while, but during this time between 1800 and 1860, it shows it could have been at an all time high.
Within the economy a great development had been achieved when the upper south handed its power to the lower south all due to the rise of an agricultural production. This expansion was led by the excessive growth of cotton in the southern areas. It spread rapidly throughout America and especially in the South. During these times it gave another reason to keep the slavery at its all time high. Many wealthy planters started a ‘business’ by having their slaves work the cotton plantations, which this was one of a few ways slavery was still in full effect. Not only were there wealthy planters, at this time even if you were a small slave-holder you were still making money. While all of this had been put into the works, Americans had approximately 410,000 slaves move from the upper south to the ‘cotton states’. This in turn created a sale of slaves in the economy to boom throughout the Southwest. If there is a question as to ‘why’, then lets break it down. The slaves were making the production of cotton possible; therefore you need slaves in order to make your contribution to the newfound agriculture production. It was a win-win on their part.
During this time and as stated before there were varieties of slavery, which Americans put into a few different classifications of how they wanted to ‘rank’ their slaves. In a task system of slavery, which was the most common in the rice culture, you were given a particular task to complete and then you were free for the day. This is was a completely different ball game then the gang system. This system was implicated on the cotton, tobacco, and sugar plantations. These slaves were put to work for however many hours the ‘driver’ directed them to work, as long as it was...

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