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Seven Characters In Wwiii Essay

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The Third World War breaks out and the society that we prefer would be a safe society. The seven characters should be able to protect us and give us what we need in order to survive. In a typical war, some survivors tend to fail being in the shelter due to exceptions. Each survivor is assigned to do something specific during the war in order for each and every character to live. These seven characters remain to be in the shelter because they are the only ones that can actually protect us.
Carla is a 36-year old female physician who is unable to have children and is a former military. Carla is useful because she has been in the military and she knows the right techniques on how to protect us. According to the World War II, America quickly needed to raise, train, and outfit a military force (The National WWII Museum). Carla is the character we would need in order to survive in this war because she is a former military who has been trained and can probably keep our shelter safe. To compare, the World War II veterans were looking for Americans to rapidly join the military and strengthen them for other war purposes.
A. Debra is a second year medical student who spent summers working as a mechanic at her dad’s garage. She can be useful to the other characters by that she can perform as a medical assistant as well as a mechanic towards any machinery that needs to be fixed. During the war, people had to meet challenges where there would be required to construct huge new factories and existing industries to wartime production so that they would cause a change in the American life (The National WWII Museum). For example, any machinery weapon that would be needed to fix immediately during the war can be accompanied by Debra. Debra can perform as two characters in which she can provide medical and weapon assistance to anyone that needs help.
Harold is a track and field athlete with slightly below average intelligence and had done a lot of community service. Harold would be helpful to the other characters by making a smart plan move in which would allow the other characters to demand action immediately with the help of volunteering. In the war crisis of World War II, American people united through volunteerism which allowed communities to join together and provide the best benefits for the United States (Rishel). For example, Harold can provide a best plan to bring the seven characters united and approach the war at a different aspect. The World War II indicated almost the same context of Harold and his ideas of avoiding the war break out.
Lenny is a genius. He did a doctorate in Biology and Chemistry and is a member of Mensa. However, he will not enter the shelter without his adopted brother George. Lenny is an exception that can provide us some intelligent ways we can approach to survive in this war. He can create nuclear bombs using Chemistry to destroy some parts of the war or defend our shelter. To defend the nation from the nuclear bombings and...

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