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A History Of Hacking Essay

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Hackers have a very rich history, despite being most commonly linked to the latest outburst of technology. They've helped excel many of the everyday gadgets a majority of the population owns and uses today. Not only have they established a very well known name today when it comes to computers, but nearly every piece of technology we know today can be linked back to them. They have advanced greatly in both their knowledge of computers as well as their morality concerning what to do with their information, causing a split of both righteous and sinister behavior among their groups. Throughout history, as their knowledge for the working mechanisms continued to grow, hackers have positively advanced entire societies in gigantic leaps with their gift for understanding and utilizing electronics to their max capacities which allowed them to continue to expand on the ways people can use them even to this day.
With the definition of a hack, according to Joe Grand's article, being "A new and novel creation or method of solving a problem, typically in an unorthodox fashion." almost every invention even before the digital era can be considered a hack if looked at like this, which means that ever since the creation of the electronic based technology we know today like televisions, radios, and telephones that hackers have helped shape them into what they are today. Without hackers all of these gadgets would look exactly the same as the day they were made or not even exsist at all because there was no need to expand on them and to push them. Television may never have been invented or developed from silent movies, because the technology to capture moving pictures would have never been advanced and the desire to easily broadcast films in homes would not have even been considered. Cell phones and even house phones would not exist because other forms of communication like telegraphs would still be used. Thanks to the many hackers in the past, the world has gained so much new technology and has become a much more informative, technologic, and social place for everyone.
With the creation of the internet, communication expanded even further between people all around the world. While the World Wide Web is what we know it as today, the proto type or perform of it was called ARPANET (Congressional Congress). The Congressional Digest gave a brief statement as to how the ARPANET began, "Specifically, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was established in 1957 to respond to the perceived scientific and technological advantage the then -Soviet Union displayed in launching the Sputnik satellite." With its original use being to help scientists help connected machines and converse with one another, it is no wonder it has been expanded to what it is today, with brilliant minds constantly looking to make it better. For many people it is a vast data base filled with any piece of information they could ever need and even more. It is a form of entertainment and...

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