Student Athletes Should Be Compensated With More Than Just A Scholarship

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Student-Athletes are known as being a full time student and an full time athlete. In todays society the athletic part overrides the academic part.Nowadays,the NCAA have the student-athletes playing an employee role but compensating them with volunteer benefits.This mean they are not reaping from their work. There are plenty of student-athletes in the collegiate level that are risking their lives daily to fulfill the athletic role. These athletes help bring revenue to the school.So therefore, Student-athletes should be compensated with more than just an scholarship.
“The average Division 1 football player devotes over 43.3 hours per week to their sport, which is 3.3 more than the typical American work week.”(Edelman). They dedicate more time to the athletics than academics. Therefore having an scholarship is just not enough anymore. Students cannot maintain off of an scholarship because they don't have what cannot be seen. The average scholarship now days only cover tuition and maybe room and board. However, it does not cover all the hidden college fees and other irrelvant fees. Therefore, this leave the student to have to come out of their pocket or yet take out a small loan to help them throughout the semester. This does not include upholding injuries because most schools barely have liability. As well as spending money while they travel. When I was in college playing basketball for a D2 school we receive $6 an meal from the school. This barely bought snacks and drinks. They should take into consideration that the cost of living has risen so therefore accommodations should be based off of that. You would have thought that they would give you extra spending money especially when you are away at tournaments. But no they do not give anymore than that because it will be an NCAA violations. Therefore, the NCAA need to change the rules to accommodate athletes based off the revenue brought to the school because of the sport. It will be more of an token of appreciation for the hard work they contribute to help bring money back to the school. It is only right everyone is given a fair trade.
That is an rough draft portion of some of one of the body paragraphs in the final research paper.This portion of my research paper does appear to be usable. It simply gives the reader an mere picture of the life untold about student-athletes and what they go through. There some personal experiences that are included. This paragraph explains in details of what is required from an student-athlete and what is given to them for their accomplishments. What the athlete is producing is not equivalent to what is being given to them. That is why the statistics was in the beginning to draw the focus on what a average player or athlete contribute to the sport alone in one week. People need to be aware of what student athletes go through on a regular basis. It is equivalent to the typical work week for an American employee. Athletes are being treated more like employees...

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