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There are so many misconceptions that this KKK toddler and the state trooper picture expresses. So many expression and concerns can be conveyed through this portrait. When observing this photo there are many questions that may invade your thoughts. Disturbance? Hope? Humor? Touching and Heartbreaking? Irony?
The part of the photo that strikes me as humorous is looking at the toddler and he has the slightest clue as to what may be going on. Perhaps the toddler may have mistaken the police and the shield to have been a Halloween costume or something from his reflection in the riot shield. Another humorous thing is that the child’s innocence and misunderstanding is so oblivious. The toddler doesn’t understand what is being taught and doesn’t seem to care because he is so young. He is basically just enjoying his time out. Like any other child his curiosity reigns supreme and wants to explore this new thing that’s in front of him, which is the shield.
It is heartbreaking to see that racism still exist even and things the KKK believe in modern times. The toddler is being taught to hate people because the color of their skin. A child is brought up in the cultural world of hate at a young age. The representation of the KKK back in the days was hatred towards any race especially blacks. So i look at the picture shows that they are still carrying on their meaning.
Another thing this picture brings out is the picture of the black state troopers. A big change of race has come with the state troopers, which seems hopeful. Back in the early 40’s and 50’s and 60’s there were very few state troopers or police that where black. A quick look back in history, on September of 1944, the Miami Police Department began hiring black police officers. Around May of 1950, a police precinct was established at 480 NW 11 Street to provide a station house for African American policemen and a courtroom for African American judges in which to adjudicate African American defendants. This building was unique as there is no other known structure in the nation that was designed, devoted to and operated as a...

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