The Journey Of An Orphan To A Young Woman

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The Journey of an Orphan to a Young Woman:
Imagination is a companion that will always be there to ease up moments of despair in life. It gives hope that one day the possessions that the heart desires will be there not too far from reach, or to believe the cruel circumstances life brings upon us are instead moments of joy. L.M Montgomery demonstrates this skilfully in her work; Anne of Green Gables. The novel is about a lonely orphaned girl whose only friend is her imagination. Due to her imagination and the support of her new loving family, she grows into a bright and intelligent young woman who realizes the potential that life has for her and her tremendously creative mind. The experiences and expectations that are placed on the character of Anne show how she later on gains an identity. Anne Shirley starts appreciating life more after her arrival at the Green Gables, since the realization dawns upon her that all events that occur in life are what help her bloom into the young woman she is now.
Experiences of an orphaned child are never pleasant and Anne has it no different. Being only three months old when both parents die due to a fever is devastating on a child on its own, but being reminded constantly is what makes bearing that pain even harder. Before Anne’s arrival at the Green Gables her attitude towards the problems life threw at her was always pessimistic, causing her self-esteem to be at the lowest level possible. “You see, nobody wanted me even then. It seems to be my fate.” (Montgomery 52) this quote shows exactly how Anne perceived her life as; that she is meant not to be loved. This also leads on during the first few months of Anne’s arrival at the Green Gables, and is seen at its peak at two major occasions. First being her encounter with Mrs. Lynde where she throws at tantrum at being called ugly, the second when Gilbert calls her hair “carrots”. Her low self-esteem and the idea of not being loved causes her to be oblivious to Gilbert’s affection towards her.
“But suddenly, as her dilated, frightened eyes gazed out over the audience, she saw Gilbert Blythe away at the back of the room, bending forward with a smile on his face—a smile which seemed to Anne at once triumphant and taunting. In reality it was nothing of the kind. Gilbert was merely smiling with appreciation of the whole affair in general and of the effect produced by Anne’s slender white form and spiritual face against a background of palms in particular” (Montgomery 309)
However, as time goes by Anne Shirley realizes that not only does she have people who love and admire her, but also is a very beautiful woman.
Growing up in the early 1980’s, Anne was expected to know everything about running a household before she knew how to read. However that was not the case, Anne always had her nose in the books and was taunted for it as well. Plus that was not the only expectation that Anne had not met, she crossed many limits and broke many rules. First being the...

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